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Default Is It Possible To Return To Old Job Within The Same Company?

Hi All

I have been working for a company for almost two years.

Within that timeframe. I was working as a Support Worker for 19 months in a Supported Housing setting. It was the best job I ever had. Great management. Great work experience. Great rapport with staff and client's.

But I guess with working career. It's only natural that after a while - you want to explore new experience and a new job up the ladder.

So in April this year. I left my job for a more Specialist role. This new role was working for a different department but under the same management.

Since leaving the role, they have been understaffed. Meaning extra shifts to needing cover.

I wanted to maintain the link I had between my old workplace. So since I left, I have been helping out with overtime. I have helped to cover emergency sick leave. I have emailed my old manager (who is in charge of rota) and volunteered if she needs help to cover shifts. I'll do it.

Two weeks ago, I worked over my hours of work that I shouldn't have done. I worked 58 hours one week and another 53 hours the following week. I bought it to my old manager's attention so she is aware. Someone previously told me it's against the law to work over 48 hours.

Even this to be the case. I wanted my old manager to be aware. But I don't want her to get into trouble. And I continued to offer to work over my hours as I am 100% committed to helping out my old project. My old project remains a very special place in my heart.

So since starting this new role. I have found it's not working for me. It doesn't motivate me. It's more paperwork based. You meet less with clients. Your meeting with client's perhapes on a once a month basis. Management ***** about previous employees and how they left. You spend too much time in the office. Our number of client's will be going up to 25 per colleague. This means - more paperwork and less interaction with clients. I just find it boring. I started to feel this way on the second week. I thought I'd give it time - as it's a new role and things could change.

Somehow it's been another four weeks. I am now at week 6 at my new role. I still feel the same emotions. I feel it's time to look for another job. I was even willing to work there for 6 months and then look into requesting or applying for my old job back.

Anyway, I found out today another colleague is leaving my old project next month. So they are desperate and struggling with shifts to be covered.

I thought this would be my perfect opportunity to request for my old job back.

So I have requested to meet with my old manager tomorrow for a catch up.

The only thing is - I'm scared she will decline my asking if I can come back? Since I only left 6 weeks ago. She might say it's not enough time. But I guess, with my correct reasoning - I'm hoping she will be grateful especially as she now needs cover for the extra vacant. I'm also hoping with my loyalty after I left will increase my chances with coming back.

Even if she can't transfer me back. I plan on applying for the role when it goes up.

Do you have any tips or advice on my meeting tomorrow and the correct reasons being diplomatic on why I want to return?

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Default Re: Is It Possible To Return To Old Job Within The Same Company?

I think you could leave it open ended instead of requesting your old job back, say something like "you know, I really miss working with you all, I could be tempted to come back to your department..." Then let her fill in the blanks.


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Default Re: Is It Possible To Return To Old Job Within The Same Company?

I know every situation is different so I'll just tell you of two instances that I believe could fit the topic your asking about.

The current Job I have is due to the previous guy in this position quiting and going to a totally different company.

After being on the job for about 6 months, this guy decides he doesn't like the new job and just walks right back through the front door and asks if he could come back. 8 months later he still here working next to me.

The next: I knew of this accountant that got tired of her role at a company. Quit and Left for another company. Her previous company asks if she can continue working nights. After about 3 months of this she gets tired and quits. So the company hires her at even more than she was making before to keep her. 6 months later she gets tired again, calls the second company back and asks if they will rehire her again. Not only do they rehire her but they give her a management position. If that inst enough, the first company again asks her to work some evenings... she is still doing that to this day.

Moral of the story is: Anything is possible.
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Default Re: Is It Possible To Return To Old Job Within The Same Company?

Hi All

Many thanks for your replies. I thought I'd update you.

So I attended my catch up with my old manager. She greeted me and informed the team misses me. Although I haven't left as I have been doing extra overtime. She informed she is grateful. She highlighted on how much she knows that I love the project.

I sat down and I was open. I told her, that I don't find the job is the right place for me. I find it less interactive with client's. I miss my old job. She was incredibly understanding. Once we established my non wanting to continue with the current job. She began smiling and asking me on whether I wanted to come back? I assured that I came today to request for my old job back. Her face lit up.

I burst into tears with happiness. She began laughing. We talked about my possible start date. I assured I'd like to start asap. Where her face lit up even more.

She got excited and informed my previous Team Leader will be happy. She called her into the room and excitely announced welcome your new recruit. My old Team Leader began to smile. We all had a chat and a laugh.

Towards the end, my old manager focused her attention on when I return. They will focus on my self development. She talked about aiming for Team Leader. She gave me a hug before I left. I whispered, "I'm finally coming home to my family".

My old manager has informed my current management team. Although they feel sad that I am returning.

I;m just glad I took the risk. It really could have gone either way. I could have got "nope you left us. Why should I help you?" Instead I got their support and their welcome back.

The risk was worth taking.
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Default Re: Is It Possible To Return To Old Job Within The Same Company?

Aww, good for you! I'm glad that it worked out
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