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My Mood: Hormonal Birth Control Worsening Anxiety

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Default Hormonal Birth Control Worsening Anxiety

In late August my ob/gyn prescribed Nuva Ring, a hormonal birth control similar to the pill because of irregular cycles associated with PCOS. Well, in the months since then, my anxiety has dramatically increased from where I feel a little jittery sometimes to where it is constant (with peaks sometimes) & has began to affect me in every day life and in my interactions with others (constantly nervous/on edge, hyperviligence, minor conflicts causing catastrophic thinking & panic attacks, clinginess/needing reassurance, & control issues), which just isn't me. I didn't make the connection until my mom pointed out that it began around the time I started Nuva Ring. The only other thing I think of which has changed in my environment is starting college & I do use an inhaled cortisteroid for asthma but the steroid usually doesn't increase my anxiety that much & I'm in counseling for stress related to college. Has anyone else had problems with hormonal birth control causing or worsening anxiety? Does anyone know which of the hormones, estrogen or progresterone may be the culprit? Any suggestions? Also, has anyone had any experience with the progesterone only (mini pill)?
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My Mood: Hormonal Birth Control Worsening Anxiety

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Default Re: Hormonal Birth Control Worsening Anxiety

Hello ButterflyAngel. I am sorry you are struggling. Hormonal contraceptives can certainly affect mood and I think the allopathic community is not particularly open or honest about this issue. Sidenote: they also deny that "the pill" can cause vaginal dryness, pain during vaginal sex, and loss of female libido though lots of women have experienced those problems as a direct result of the artificial hormones.

I personally cannot take "the pill" because it causes unpleasant mood swings for me. I tried various types...combined and mini...all were problematic. I live with chronic depression and anxiety (since childhood) and when I was on the pill it definitely exacerbated those problems. My significant other agrees that my moods were much more stable without the pill.

Are you strictly a follower of allopathic medicine or open to alternatives? Naturopaths and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors can be really valuable. They take a holistic approach to health...supporting the body to heal itself rather than viewing it as a collection of broken symptoms which need to be eliminated with drugs or surgery. Some specialize in women's health. There are a lot of recommendations from allopaths and OB-GYNs which are honestly quite unhealthy and illogical.

Have you noticed that MDs tend to recommend the pill or some form of artificial hormone for almost any women's health issue below the waist...PCOS, irregular periods, period pain etc etc. There are other options out there which can help with your PCOS and irregular cycles. If you ask an allopath they'll say there are no other options...because they lack training in other areas. I encourage you to consult with an experienced naturopath and a TCM doc...see what you think...which way you lean...look for someone who specializes in women's health and PCOS etc.

Sometimes it's not what you ask but who you're asking if you know what I mean. I have not put artificial hormones into my body for a very long time and I feel much healthier for it. I should say I'm not a doctor and nobody here on PC is qualified to give medical advice. These are just my thoughts based on my experience as a woman with hormonal imbalance and previously given false information from allopaths (not for everything...they are very good with some medical problems but relatively clueless about much of women's health).

I've seen a TCM doc (PhD) for several months. My periods are now regular like clockwork (used to be awful: every 2 weeks etc) and the pain is almost completely gone. I no longer get migraines (suffered those for years every cycle due to hormone imbalance and all the allopaths could provide was a medication which has serious side effects). My depression and anxiety are much better than in the past. My most relaxed times are often while lying in the acupuncture treatment room covered in needles No lie. It calms the nervous system...brings body back to balance.

Here are just a few things I learned from holistic providers (naturopaths and TCM docs) which may surprise you:

- period pain is not normal, when the body is balanced the period should not cause any pain (I used to think I had to put up with it or rely on artificial hormones)
- coffee can negatively impact the uterus by increasing inflammation which can of course affect the cycle and period pain...not just because of caffeine but because of other components in the coffee
- magnesium can help with period pain, irregular periods, anxiety, and insomnia *only try under professional guidance*
- acupuncture can help with irregular cycles, hormonal imbalance, period pain, anxiety, and depression
- dairy, sugar, or alcohol can lead to major inflammation in the body which can also impact women's health
- acupuncture can relieve sinus pain or stop sinus infections and manage allergies

I support you with whatever you choose. Personally, I wish all three branches of medicine would work together...I think that would be most beneficial to all patients. Peace and healing energy to you

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Default Re: Hormonal Birth Control Worsening Anxiety

Common Side Effects of NuvaRing (Etonogestrel, Ethinyl Estradiol Vaginal Ring) Drug Center - RxList

Nervousness/Anxiety is listed as a side effect.

On top of which going to college is a major life change. Double whammy. If you are normally anxious then may this form of birth control may not be the right one for you. Is it possible to go back to the doctor and let them know you are having difficulties with the side effects?

Have you considered going to another gyn and seeing what they suggest?
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