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My Mood: TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

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Trig TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

Has anyone had a hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy for either of these and/or has had a hysterectomy done at a really young age?

I'm only 30, but I have no desire to ever have children. I also can't take birth control (pills, injections or implants), as it triggers my PMDD. My PMDD is so severe it makes me psychotic and leaves me in fear of my next period. As for the heavy periods, I'm passing clots half the size of my fist 10+ times a day. I don't get a lot of pain, but it makes me VERY fatigued and I'm so heavy I can't leave the house for 3-4 days.

I don't have any evidence of endometriosis or fibroids, I had a laparoscopy done about a year ago and it was all fine, physically. My (then) gyno suggested I have a mirena put in, which I refused, because I know they're painful and I'm not sexually active with men, so I have no need for an IUD. I've debated asking about ablation, but that's useless for the PMDD.

Basically, at this point, I want my ovaries and uterus gutted because my cycles are unbearable and I'm tired of living in fear of my own body. I realise I'm young but I really do not want children (my worst nightmare, honestly) and I can't live with this for another 25+ years.
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My Mood: TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

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Default Re: TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

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Default Re: TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

Hello samj40, I am so sorry you are having these struggles. You mentioned psychosis. Do you have a MD helping you to manage that? It sounds frightening for you. Do you have support from a good psychotherapist and/or psychiatrist?

This may seem like an odd question but are you familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? Have you ever tried acupuncture? A wonderful TCM doctor (he has a PhD in his field) has helped me with hormonal imbalance, migraines (caused by hormonal imbalance), sinus congestion, and mod-severe anxiety/depression.

I realize that there are many allopaths who dismiss TCM as "hocus pocus." However, I was skeptical when I first tried it but became impressed by the results. My migraines were horrible and triggered by different points in my cycle every month because my hormones were so out of whack. For months, I had a true period every 2 weeks which was exhausting. My TCM doc helped me with acupuncture and now I no longer have migraines. I also have a regular cycle now and I find that my emotions around my cycle are more stable though we are still working on the overall anxiety/depression which have been lifelong for me.

I used to have to take increasing dosages of Immitrex but no longer even refill it since the migraines have stopped entirely. I realize that is not your particular issue but since it sounds as though your menstrual problems and PMDD (if I'm understanding the acronym correctly as premenstrual dysphoric disorder) may be due to hormone imbalance...I wonder if you might find any relief from a TCM approach?

Naturopaths can also provide insight and methods which allopaths lack. For example, a naturopath taught me that magnesium can help with sleep disturbance, menstrual pain, and irregular cycles. I am NOT suggesting that you go ahead and start taking magnesium. I am not a doctor and that would need to be determined under the care and guidance of a trained provider. Just wanted to point out that there are other approaches out there which may help you. In TCM and naturopathy, they also look at diet in order to improve nutritional health. Sugar, dairy, and fried foods are thought to be some common sources of inflammation in the body. I've never heard an OB-GYN ask a patient about their diet and food tolerances. There is now a growing movement of dieticians who believe that so much of our mood and immune system is based on gut health, that they have started calling the stomach our "second brain."

Have you noticed that traditional OB-GYNs often suggest the pill for any women's health issue below the waist?? Bad period pain? - "you need the pill" ... PCOS? "you need the pill" .... Irregular cycle? "you need the pill."
Personally I am not able to take the pill because it makes my depression worse and can really make my moods loopy.

The older I get, the more I favor a holistic approach to body, mind, and spirit. I find that TCM docs and Naturopaths have the same idea. They look at the body not as a broken thing, with a collection of symptoms which need to be eliminated, but as a system which communicates imbalance to us via signs and symptoms. Then they go about treating the whole system by endeavoring to bolster the body's ability to heal itself.

Of course, I am NOT bashing allopaths. We need them too. If I ever break my arm, I won't be going for acupuncture or naturopathy I would need an allopath I just wish all these branches of medicine could work together in harmony. I think that would benefit patients most. When you mentioned psychosis, that sounds very concerning and I would definitely suggest consultation with your GP regarding psychiatry and/or psychology. Perhaps you've already done that.

I am just sharing some ideas coming from a place of care and regard. Disregard at will. I know what it feels like when it seems as though the natural function of your female system seems to be working against you every month. Good luck to you and best wishes for a peaceful solution for your physical and emotional needs.
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Default Re: TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

The struggle is real. PMDD is the Worst, I had my tubes cut, tied and burned at 22, after a complicated pregnancy and c section, since then periods have never been the same. My PMDD is so bad that it would start 7-10 days before my period and I'd be a raging crazy lady who hated everyone and everything until it would come. I tried everything, B vitamins, magnesium, all the things. Like you, birth control isn't an option, it causes me all kinds of problems.

On a side note....that must be a thing, women with birth control sensitivities seems to be the ones with the worst PMDD, from what I have seen with girl-friends over the years.

Great News! There is a fix, if you can take it. I'm on Effexor and Wellbutrin (be very careful if you try that combo, start super small on the dosage, it can easily cause serotonin syndrome, it happened to me). And it's wonderful. I don't even want to eat all the carbs or chocolate, I don't yell at my man or cry hysterically anymore during the pre-period point. It' such a relief! Totally fixed it. Also, I do set my calendar with an alarm to tell me 10 days before my period, it says "take it easy, Hormones!" just so I remember if I feel a little off or sad or grumpy, it's probably just my hormones so I need to be nice. LOL. You know the feeling! If you are in a relationship and you like painting your nails, paint them red for a week every month when you are struggling. To remind your partner it's about that time, so please be sensitive. Hope this helps. Also, if you haven't tried the cups yet, they are great! I switched to the Luna Cup and leak proof panties for night time, it makes it a bit nicer.
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Default Re: TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

I am sorry that you are going through a very rough time. It really isn't normal at your age. Time to get a second opinion and a third? Clots that big are going to make you anemic. Please get your iron levels checked. PMDD that bad has got to be addressed.
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Default Re: TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

Have you searched on the Internet for certain foods that can trigger and alleviate PMDD? I have issues with PMDD and found that diet makes someowhat of a difference.
Alternative medicine (herbals, aromatherapy, etc.) does help a bit but they are pricey.
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