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Default BC: That Weird Age

Next year when I turn 27 it'll be time to swap out my IUD. I need the IUD to control the intensity of my periods. But 27 is such an odd age. I'm hoping I'll be married, settled down, and having kids when I hit my 30s. At least, I hope so. Who knows what will happen by the time I turn 30? I'm in a relationship where we're both done with the dating scene and are both looking to settle down, it may not last, or it may last forever, who knows?

What do I do when I turn 27? Is it that big of a deal to swap it out and then change my mind when I'm ready to have kids? Do I try other methods of birth control? I was initially on the pill which regulated my periods, but if I miss a pill I'm screwed! There must be no accidental pregnancy! There's the Nexaplon which may be a better option IF it regulates my period. But either way, I'll have to take out my IUD, and I was so scared last time with the "contraction pill" and I was so scared that I asked to be knocked out, but I'm not sure if the IUD is best for me anymore.

What should I do?
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Default Re: BC: That Weird Age

Based on what you are saying, I would stay with the IUD since it is working for you. At least stay with it, even if you have to swap it out, until your path is clearer. Changing BC methods can be tricky and if you have one you like/works, great.

Here is to hoping your current relationship becomes more solid and committed. But if not, I hope for you that one comes along that feels just right :-)
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Default Re: BC: That Weird Age

Seems like the IUD has been working for you. I wouldn't stress over changing until you're in that position where it's time to change it up a bit or time to stop using it during times of TTC.
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Default Re: BC: That Weird Age

Just adding support to what has already been said. Stick with the IUD since you know it works well for you. I don't think taking it out later will be an issue. My friend had her IUD in for only a year before she decided to get it removed so her and her husband could start trying to conceive.
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Default Re: BC: That Weird Age

Iíd stick to the IUD. Have you tried the Mirena? I had it for a year before my hysterectomy and it was fantastic. I only had it removed and went through with the hysterectomy because I didnít like having artificial hormones going into my body. But the IUD itself was no problem.
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Default Re: BC: That Weird Age

I am on the pill, I'm on so many that I can't possibly forget to take it. I agree with the others if the IUD works stick with the IUD. Not to mention you have Mirena and Skyla. I'm also in my mid-twenties and I often get to hear the your the perfect age to have children conversation. I've honestly been thinking about getting Nexaplon inserted, but at the same time the birth control I am on; I only have four spotty periods a year. I know it works; so I would personally stick with what you know.
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