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Default Dating/remarriage after divorce

I got married in my early 20's after 4 years of dating, left my husband 4 months after. The reason being, we had quite a rough start as he is 12 years older, however I knew quite early in the relationship we weren't meant to be. The only thing that kept me there was the fact that everyone started accepting him right around the time I started suspecting I don't want to be with him. I married him because of not wanting to let anyone down. Stupid, I know!

I started seeing a man about a month after I left and we are now together for about 5/6 months, living together for 3/4. He wants to get married and start a family and I actually want to as well, but my only fear (and I know it shouldn't be) is the comments and questions from all side.

He does however feel a bit odd, meaning he feels he is going to be thinking about my ex and if I'm here to stay on our day.

Now I have no clue what to do? It's fast, but it's that one person who just comes into your life at the most unsuspected time and it just feels right.

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My Mood: Dating/remarriage after divorce

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Default Re: dating and or remarriage after divorce

Welcome to PC!

Has the divorce finalized, yet?

I hear you about having reservations but not wanting to let anyone down in proceeding with marriage, as you did yours.

Is your new beau worried about how it appears and if you're over your 1st marriage?

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Default Re: Dating/remarriage after divorce

One option might be to take a few more months, and help him to get past those thoughts.
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