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My Mood: If you call suicide hotline?

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Unhappy If you call suicide hotline?

IF AT 6 AM you wake very depressed, and reality of life is TOO PAINFUL, who wants to share your pain?

You just want a sympathetic and caring voice on the line.--what you get,are people who tell you "how to fix it.""go for a walk."FOR A lot of emotional pain when you just want someone who listens and understand--a little?You want emotional contact so you are not so alone with it.

But suicide hotline is scared of your pain,don't want to even talk about it."go for a walk"?THE truth is,no one except a caring understanding person(of which there are few)who is a rare friend, wants to listen.Calling any hotline is a mistake.people on mental hotlines are scared of the pain.long time emergency mental health employees get very hard or even make fun of someone in crisis.(yes,they do.)

-they get very cynical about all the pain they hear in the world and they get very cynical abut HOW BAD THE REALITY OF THE WORLD IS.They see HOW MUCH PAIN and bad reality there is,and they decide this;it is a very bad,painful,meaningless existence and MANY PEOPLE are in that.

And the people who HAVE ALL THE PAIN AND HORROR finally get it;that most people fear reality,and avoid it,or won't admit its that way.So hotlines or suicide lines have their walls up,& don't want to hear it.

So what can the hurting and depressed person do?ADMIT TO YOURSELF that much of the world is in pain and loss,and hurt.It is NOT JUST YOU.Once you admit how painful,bad,and loss-filled the world is,you can ACCEPT IT THE WAY IT IS,And then you can deal with it,yourself.Hiding or denying hurt only makes it worse.

--AND MOST PEOPLE DENY BAD REALITY.THEY CAN'T HANDLE IT.--AND you can''t get them to discuss it or accept it.Its which most people are in denial.--DON'T TRY to get the deniers to admit reality--it is impossible.DO IT YOURSELF.there are kind and empathetic folks in the world,,a few.BUT,remember; much of the world runs on fear of reality--so MOST PEOPLE don't want to hear it.

THAT IS WHY THE WORLD IS BAD OFF-HUMANS hate truth,They hate reality,and they'll lie about everything.When humans deny truth,they build a world of lies,denial,excuses,bad systems to hide the truth even about themselves.--or WHY they do what they do. You have to see and accept how life is,don't expect most people to do that.They may be too weak,or afraid,and can't handle it--so they don't, they deny it.

Remember that if you admit even painful reality to yourself, then you can handle it.Do it yourself.That's how you can learn to accept even bad reality.MAKES JOKES ABOUT IT--DO SATIRE ABOUT IT.LAUGH ABOUT IT.(why we have comedians.they have a license to tell reality and make fun of it,--to make fun of mankind.)But,try to accept yours yourself--and maybe even how painful the world is. IT HELPS A LOT.It really does.
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My Mood: If you call suicide hotline?

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Smile Re: If you call suicide hotline?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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My Mood: If you call suicide hotline?

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Default Re: If you call suicide hotline?

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