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My Mood: How can you tell if it's treatment resistant?

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Default Re: How can you tell if it's treatment resistant?

[QUOTE=Wild Coyote;6057442]Hi and welcome!

If your son is just stating Latuda, it may take a few weeks to find it helpful.

Generally, psychiatrists determine if a patient is treatment-resistant.

I'd be concerned, too, if at 5 years my son was not improving.
Do you have access to his psychiatrist? Have you been able to tell the psychiatrist that you are concerned your son is not getting better?

I want to mention this again, if you are in the U.S., you might get a lot of support from NAMI's family programs.

Please tell the psychiatrist of your concerns. If the psychiatrist is keeping his/her relationship strictly between the doctor and your son, that is fine. You can still express your concerns on the doctor's voicemail. Sometimes, when confidentiality laws forbid docs to talk, nothing forbids them from listening.

I hope this helps somehow.


If you want to hear the truth, some improvement in depression may take years--many people do.there is no set path that says"you will be better now."And if you have doctors telling you"the depression will comply healed.go away--and not return"that is an untruth.

Once there is Depression, there is no very predictable schedule or route.Stop thinking"I have to fix this person."

It even depends on WHAT KIND OF DEPRESSION IT IS. For example,if a close person dies?People get sad and depressed about it.With time,it can get better,if you resume life..It will get less,it may never get not sad completely.But the original pain will go away.

However, a "depressive reaction"or a "depressed breakdown"is different.The person's mind has been affected.Once your mind has greatly been influenced by a major depression,the person does not usually"just get well."Its not easy to fix,like a broken arm.Often depression can run in families.

Often someone else,a parent,can often have some mental illness,or gets depressed.--You are affected by your family,parent(s)grandparents, sisters,brothers.WHAT is going on in the family?Often the family needs counseling.FAMILIES AFFECT SEPARATE MEMBERS A GREAT DEAL.It is called "family dynamic."--Ask if this can be possible--obviously parents and relatives can affect your child.--so,ask your doctor to look the the family dynamic.WHAT'S GOING ON, IN IT?
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My Mood: How can you tell if it's treatment resistant?

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Default Re: How can you tell if it's treatment resistant?

((((Everyone)))) I'm so sorry for everyone who is struggling. I hope everyone will be able to help a normal, happy, healthy life one day - it will take time, for sure, and there will be ups and downs, but I think it's totally possible to get there. Please, don't give up
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