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Default PTSD and Borderline

I have always been identified as having Major depressive disorder most of my life but my new Psychiatrist gave me this new diagnosis. The PTSD I agree with but Borderline freaks me out. There seems to be such a stigma surrounding Borderline and the way it is written in DSM makes it feel like it's either your own fault for being borderline and it doesn't take into account the early childhood trauma which led to the disorder.

It's just a name, a way to categorize things and hopefully treat the right disorder. ANyone else struggling with Borderline?
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Default Re: PTSD and Borderline

Welcome to Psych Central, Enceladus!

I do have BPD, yes. I also struggle with PTSD and treatment-resistant major depression. It doesn't sound really good, but I *think* that's because of the typical images pushed in general society.

There are techniques that we can study and practice regularly, to help us live pretty normal lives with BPD. It takes motivation and commitment. But, it CAN be done. The BPD certainly adds a big challenge to our lives, but we can work through it.
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Default Re: PTSD and Borderline

I have the same cluster of diagnoses going on as you. MDD, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and BPD traits (or EDD). I'm confused as to what is really the correct diagnosis, if any.

I was reading all I could on BPD and very freaked out by the negativity, too. But, I know myself and I am not any of the terrible things. This all has come to light over the past few years for me and I am in my 50's. I was never aware of any of these illnesses before!

An incompatible, intimacy issue with my husband pushed me to all this. I am obsessed over one thing and that is all that triggers me. So, I may be different from people who have these issues across the board in their lives.
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Default Re: PTSD and Borderline

Thank you for the response. My psychiatrist says that the DSM does paint BPD in a negative light and that it's a shame because he thinks people with BPD are very special. Whatever that means.

I've been committed to personal growth, asset management, and self help. I feel like all I do is self help stuff and it's been a lot. I still haven't been able to work through the early childhood trauma and I know that this is where the real work lies. I just am trying to be stable.

I was recently 5150'ed for the first time after 6 months of agoraphobia and severe depression and anxiety. I couldn't leave the house. I'm doing more now but I still have my social anxiety, claustrophobia issues when I am out in the world and I seem to take on other people's energies and I get so easily overwhelmed. I also experience my emotions severely and I break every time I get a really low low which happens at least one time a week.

I want to be a mom but I want to be stable and not be all scared and depressed in front of my child so I keep waiting to be "okay". I don't even know if that is possible.

I start the year long DBT class in November and I have heard this is effective.

Thank you for reading.
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