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Default Re: Having The Courage To Tell

Originally Posted by Keyplayer View Post
Hi All Is Revealed ,

Thank you for your reply. I agree , there is no one I need to tell , until I am able to re-boot my life , I could not be my true self where I live anyway.

Sometimes you develop friendships , and it is this people whom I was referring to , however afterthoughts were similar to your remarks , why tell at all .

I hope you and yours have a great Holiday Season , take care ,

Hi Keyplayer! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Forgive me for being so naive. I always "assume" that everyone in 2017 is used to the fact LGBT is everywhere.

I do understand that you want to tell people who are close to you. It's better to transition when your parents, friends, and loved ones know exactly the progress you'll be making in the next few years. The only reason why I mentioned about not telling someone you're trans is because I don't want you to be discouraged if their reaction is not to your liking. I go to Derry, NH twice a year to see my family. I have 3 cousins in NH who are openly gay and they are loved by their friends and families.

By slowly telling everyone you're trans, you will find out who truly loves you, and who has your back.

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Default Re: Having The Courage To Tell

Hi All Is Revealed ,

Sorry for not posting sooner , I too hope you had a GR8 Thanksgiving , as well.

I am just me !! My parents have passed , so I try to look at the holiday season with joy for others in mind. It is best if I don`t dwell on what used to be.

But I still like to wish nice folks like you a Happy Holiday Season

Yeh , the only people I would tell would be close friends that I would not want to lose.

I do understand , if they don`t get it , then they really were not my friends , I have thought about that as well.

However , I am just getting comfortable telling people I am in therapy !!

I am an antique , who does not feel like one but thinks like one. I just turned 65 last week , but I truly don`t feel like it as long as my arthritis does not flare up , and NO MORE prednisone , I hate the stuff , biologics too. I can`t take NSAIDS , to hard on the gut !!

I try to keep active , and so far that has worked

Take care , and thanks again

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