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Default legal name change too fast ?

Am ftm wanting to change my name to a male / unisex name its an unisex name commonly i already changed my legal name before from a name that triggered me to A female name at the time i didnt figure out i was trans everyone now called me by the male/ unisex name apart from my family the only problem am going to have is my mother who refuses to see that i am male and calls me by my triggering name she will not call me by the female name and calls me she her etc my mother believe am doing all this for attetion seeking just like she said me self injuring is attention seeking or that there nothing wrong with me and that i should work even though i cant due to my mental health issues i want to change my legal name after Christmas so apart Christmas i want everyone to use he him or they them for me most of my friends call me by my male/ unisex name and i have now came out to everyone my mother calls its a phase even thought am 40 and married to a man i have no kids but family may find it hard to remember to call my by my male / unisex name but i can try and remind them

i am hoping by this next year that its all to go a head as i have planed
at the moment am not on hormones or srs surgery as of yet but am looking to see people about that soon
maybe i going a little fast but my husband and friends have called me this name for so its kinda silly not to change it
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Hello Alexxx: I can't comment on any of this. But I wondered if you are familiar with gender-identity therapist Dara Hoffman-Fox on YouTube. You might find some of Dara's videos to be of interest:

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