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Default I am genderfluid

Maybe that's not the right word. But lately, I have needed a word. I am usually okay with being nothing, or undefinable, or viewed as my "assigned sex". But when I need a word, like now, I use genderfluid. It feels right when I can acknowledge it with words. I am genderfluid.
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Hello emptynightmare: Thanks for sharing this. Personally, I think having a word to describe your gender identity is important. I'll share a story related to mine. I've written about this previously here in the Transgender forum. But it was some time ago & the post is long since gone I believe. There were many years, decades really, during which I struggled in secret with being transgender. I had never heard the term transgender & was convinced no one else on the planet would be so "warped" as to be convinced they should have been born the opposite gender. I was sure I must have been the only one.

Several years ago, I stumbled onto the (MtF) transsexual community that had developed on YouTube. (I don't think there is much of one anymore that I'm aware of. But a few years ago there was.) Needless to say I was blown away! I began to get to know quite a few YouTubers who were transitioning & were documenting their transitions on YouTube. However, at first, I wasn't familiar with the vocabulary of transsexuality. (I'm still not conversant with most of the gender identity / sexual orientation terms that are in use.) Early on, on YouTube, I stumbled across the term "tranny". And not realizing it is considered a pejorative term by most individuals who are transsexual, I began referring to myself all over the place as an old tranny, when I would reply to YouTubers' videos! I was just so excited to realize that I was not "warped" & was not the only person in the world who felt as I did that referring to myself as a tranny felt great!

After a while, of course, I came to learn that tranny was not a term to be tossing around, so I stopped. And the fact is that I've never transitioned & never will. And as time has gone on, I've come to question if I actually am transgender or if perhaps my GID is more simply one part of a larger mental health condition that also includes other things such as depression & anxiety as well. I don't know. And at this point it really no longer matters. But, at the time, being able to refer to myself as a tranny felt great... even if it was the wrong term to use. So I perfectly understand your perspective with regard to having a word you can use to acknowledge your own gender identity. I know how important it can be. I wish you well...
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Default Re: I am genderfluid

Agree with you it's important for one to be able to identify themselves. Even if it takes a few words or even sentences to do that. I'm sort of there myself.
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