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Cursed Mask
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Default I Know That They Will Find Out Eventually

I know that they are going to find out eventually, but I'm worried about how my family will react to finding out that I'm trans and want to start my transition from MTF. I don't know how I'm going to tell them but I know that it would better to tell them then to have them find out some other way. Is there any advice anyone can give me about telingl family about being trans and wanting to start transitioning?

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Well... I don't think I have any particularly useful suggestions to offer. Perhaps other members will have ideas they can share. One place you could go, though, & likely get some really useful advice would be Susan's Place. Here's a link just in case you're not familiar with it:

Susan's Place Transgender Resources

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Default Re: I Know That They Will Find Out Eventually

Hi Cursed Mask ,

Skeezyks posted the best source out there , the people are friendly and helpful.

The only advice I could offer , not knowing your age , is that I had the same fear and my parents passed never knowing who I truly was.

Being transgender ( me = MtF ) is not easy , for me the dysphoria is the worse part and I can only speak of my own life , I so wish I would have said something when I was younger and when my parents were around. In therapy I found out my mom and dad would have supported me 100% and stood by me.

SO instead of being up most of the night , I probably would be sleeping !!

So I urge you to take wherever steps you can now , find a therapist to help organize your thoughts , they will never try to change you , if they do walk out and find a better one.

Being born with the wrong body and the right mind only gets harder , it will never leave until you take steps to transition.

If you are on the east coast Boston Medical Center is about the best there is , on the west coast I have heard the LA Medical Center is the best. In between , I don`t know.
At Boston Med. Center , you can actually rent a small studio on the hospital grounds while your recovering. Which is fairly awesome

All my best , but please don`t let your dysphoria ruin your life like it has mine.

Trans people have so much worth and so much to offer , the world is trying.

Take care ,

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Default Re: I Know That They Will Find Out Eventually

On that note...if you do go the route of therapy, you can bring your parents in and tell them in a positive controlled environment where the therapist can steer the conversation and gauge the reactions for your greatest good.

It is not an easy journey. But, you know...maybe your parents will love and accept you as their daughter.

I myself am gender fluid, not really male nor female. There is no specific gender for what I am. My parents still call me her, she, their daughter. And it isn't who I am but haven't found the courage to tell them. Truthfully, I am more male than female.

How long must we hide who we are? It seems sad, to spend a life time hiding your true self, your true spark and inner beauty and everything you are. I think we came into this world so we could shine no matter what we identify as.
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Default Re: I Know That They Will Find Out Eventually

I think the best place to start would be to find a Gender Therapist. Often times they can help you navigate your own complex feelings, but also give advice on how to push forwards with telling others. They can also help you process how others react to you coming out.

My first "coming out" experience was very sour, and it made me hide who I was for much longer then I would have. I was miserable though and if I have any advice it would be; Don't allow their reactions (or fear of what it may be) deter you from finding, or pursuing who you feel you are.

Remember, you are never alone. Your Trans, and Gender Variant siblings are always there for you. Some individuals may take it rough at first but come around in time. I wish you good luck, and hope for the best.
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