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Default Alopecia

I want it. How do you get it?
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Smile Re: Alopecia

Well... I don't know how one gets alopecia. I doubt it's something you can order off the web. From a male perspective at least... hair loss comes on all by itself as one ages. Unfortunately it occurs in most of the wrong places. I have hairs growing out of my ears & long hairs that grow in my eyebrows. (I pull them all out!) I sometimes joke that I'm turning into a chimpanzee! But then, at the same time, I'm gradually losing more-&-more of the hair on the top of my head! Getting old isn't for wimps...
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Default Re: Alopecia

Why do you want it?
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Default Re: Alopecia

Hi AlwaysChanging2

For the record : link

From me , yes why would you want to just lose patches , me I want to lose it all !! LOL

What you are feeling is a dysphoric reaction to your gender , I have been researching dysphoria for some time now and not just related to gender .

For all interested folks the term Transgender can be broken down into two word with different meaning :

Trans is a verb / meaning an action / a doing , where as Gender is a pronoun describing a thought , you put the two together and you end up with a thought of action , or the term Transgender or we can go even deeper and using the term gender dysphoria , where as an individual suffers from the non action of being trans , in other words not taking action to transition , and thereby causing a dysphoric reaction , that in turn causes anxiety / depression and in some cases even suicide.

The WHO ( World Heath Org. ) saw fit to force the elimination or the term gender disorder to gender dysphoria , because disorder indicates something that can be medically repaired , a trans person does not need to be repaired , we need help with our dysphoria , thereby leading to the DSM-5 change in wording to "gender dysphoria: and not disorder.

There is nothing wrong with US , we are people trying our best to get by .

If there is anyone suffering from dysphoria and is young ( under 30 ) , do something NOW , please , I can tell you the longer you wait the harder it will be . I say this from a physiological point not a political one , the older you are the longer the body takes to heal , so those who transition early , even before puberty ( i.e. MtF testosterone blockers through puberty will avoid or lessen mental dysphoria , plus recent studies have found skin harvesting a viable option when not enough penile tissue is present for the needed v vaginoplasty or vaginal build in the case of a MtF.

If you are FtM , all I can offer in addition is don`t use ace bandages , instead use a waist cinched or a corset liner to compress the breast tissue safely .

In any event , please be you as young as you can be be ,

Take care ,

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