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My Mood: Am I Completly and totally F'ed up or NORMAL?

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Default Am I Completly and totally F'ed up or NORMAL?

Santy score 62.

Depresion people with scores similar to yours often experience some depressive smptomes.....

Anxiety people with scores similar to yours some degree of anxiety.......

Self-Esteeem People with scores similar to yours express some minor concerns with their self esteem.......

Mania & Bi polar Peolpe with scores similar to yours often complain of symptoms.......

Obsesive compulsive people with scores smilar to yours are sometimes........

Border line People with scores similar to yours sometimes........

AND 7 milder concers that it does not list HMMMMMM lets seee

I forget things -> Alzhiemers
Difficulty concentrating -> ADD
Iím fidgity => HDD
I talk to myself -> Schitzo
I like to be informed =Delusional
I have a desire to feel good = Substance abuser
I donít want to play this game any more = Suicidal

I Believe all of this stuff is on a spectrum. That the stigma and conversation on emotional well being and mental health needs to change. (First I would like to see us stop being blamed for the mass shootings. But thatís a whole nother post)

Emotional health and well being needs to be spoken more along the lines of our physical health. And treated in this way.

I bruised my self. Sad
I cut myself Obsessed
I need stitches Depressed
I broke a bone Manic
I eviscerated my self Suicidal

Illness happens. it comes and goes. And the body has an amazing and remarkable capacity to protect and heal itself. No 2 people's disease process is the same nor is their treatment and journey to better health and healing.

The world in here may or may not require the medications from out there. I will not even begin to try and list them. But I do know this, the world out there needs more of the medications from the world in here. And it is not a long list. More love, kindness, truth, knowledge, understanding, fairness, equality and justice. Imagine the possibilities if the ďweĒ in this world here could medicate the ĒthemĒ in that world out there.

Maybe I should stop now before the guys in the white coats show up at the door. He is in full blown psychosis...............

It also says I appear to be in good mental health.

Excuse me while I rejoice in song. I friends with the monster that's under my bed, get along with the voices inside of my head. your trying to save me stop holding your breath you think Iím think I'm crazy.......well that's not fair.

I donít think Iím going to meet many goals today.....just try to cope.
Some things I do because I want to, most things I do because I have to.

.....You can't blame people for clutching at straws...
for needing some truth in our morals and laws......
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My Mood: Am I Completly and totally F'ed up or NORMAL?

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Default Re: Am I Completly and totally F'ed up or NORMAL?

I'm so sorry you're struggling, Gorgias Perhaps it's time to talk to a doctor about this and see how it goes from there. Do you see a therapist? Maybe that could help. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this
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