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Default My Sanity Score: 160

This test wasn't very helpful. I knew I was losing my mind.

I'm thinking of taking my results to my psychiatrist. Do you think she'd be interested in seeing something like that? I only see her once every four months for ten minutes each time to get medication refills. And I do not have a therapist.

Sigh. I need help. But I can't find the strength to reach out to a professional. What could they do anyway? I seriously have panic attacks if I have to make a phone call to schedule an appointment. Like, I know they'll expect me to show up, and sometimes I can barely leave my house.

What on earth can I do?

My score was high for depression, dissociation, borderline, and bipolar. They were all at a 90 or more. What condition could possibly include my symptoms?

I'm lost and stuck.
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My Mood: My Sanity Score: 160

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Hello AJ: Thanks for sharing your score. I see this is your second post here on PC. So... welcome to PsychCentral.

I don't know as I can really tell you whether of not your psychiatrist would be interested in your Sanity Score test results. Probably the best thing to do would be to offer them & see. I no longer see a pdoc. But when I did he was never interested in any such thing. I saw him every 3 or 4 months for about 10 minutes or so just to review my med's & that was it. However perhaps your pdoc may be different.

You mentioned you don't see a therapist because you can't find the strength to reach out to a professional & you have panic attacks if you have to use the phone to make an appointment. You also mentioned you can sometimes barely leave the house. And you asked what a professional could do anyway. My personal non-professional opinion would be that finding a mental health professional who can help you to manage the fears & anxiety you are struggling with is what is necessary here. There aren't, to my knowledge, any alternative solutions out there. If you're not already doing so you can try such things as meditation, yoga, & other relaxation techniques. And they may help a bit. But based on what you wrote, I personally would doubt they're going to heal what you're struggling with.

Here are links to 2 articles, from PsychCentral's archives, one that discusses the professional treatments that are available for social anxiety & one that is more focused on self-help ideas:

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

6 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

As the first article above mentions, psych med's can sometimes be helpful in treating social anxiety. So you might want to discuss your circumstances in some detail with your pdoc. Perhaps there are modifications that could be made in the med's you're taking that would make it possible for you to begin to address your fear & anxiety. And then, beyond that, if there were someone in your life, such as a trusted friend or family member, who could help you to make arrangements to see a therapist or perhaps a psychologist & accompany you to your appointments for a while assistance such as that might make it possible for you to begin getting the help you need. I know those aren't especially creative solutions to the difficulty you're facing. But they're what occurs to me. My best wishes to you...
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