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raging vortex
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Default Re: hey im finally going

Originally Posted by saidso View Post
sometimes littles need to know that they are important. if they can feel safe then they will grow up some and can talk about what is worth a lot of money and what isn't.

yous was working to help them feel important and safe. Not everything is about money... some things are about letting people work things through.
peoples makes mistakes about money sometimes and if it's not life-threatening just have to roll with it natalie, we thinks.

we thinks lisha9 wanted some time to play with stuff that makes her feel good!!! she choose the best thing she could right now so as to feel like there is fun in her life.

we sends lisha some more play time and more loves. you will be surprised one day when she grows up and helps you out.

is this important enough to get upset and angry about???

I guess I'm a pretty poor excuse of a protector.

yeah, I guess you're right about the whole thing with the bear. I suppose my worry is... how long will she actually enjoy it. will she turn round after a week and say she wants it to go back
as for the money I can understand if someone is rich and made of money, we're not

we struggle to live day to day and our money we have is going on bears
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Hi natalie, raging vortex and lisha9
I was an 8 yr old saidso…
I am writing because I don't want you to be angry about Lisha9 and her bear. I think 9yr old kids do their best, so what saidso does with me is to give me little things to learn and say "well done" . Hearing "well done" is magical for kids.

Like you we don't have any money, but now we have discussions about spending it. I know it can be crazy-difficult when someone feels down and wants to make themselves feel better. Or when someone leaves the expensive shopping on the bus because upset about something.

I wanted you to tell Lisha9 "well done" for the bear, because she was trying to make herself feel better. And maybe she can teach you all to have fun playing the movies stories that you see on t.v.

kids can teach lots of things if you help them stay safe.
F'instance: I am playing circuses today, you wanna come and play?
we have tumbling bears, and a magician

big peeps thinks we is silly
but I thinks everyone big and little needs some magic
if littles want a good time

they is gonna look for it straight up

that's something good about littles
they help us look for good times

when I'm hungry I go cook cos I'm a big little now
but Lisha could learn

knowing about hungry is good about littles too

littles can do all sorts of things, like tidying up and cleaning
giving hugs, making plans

if you listen to them
Lisha is a good girl

perhaps you will live on rice and beans for 1 week, because you spent money on some Disney something, but you can still love each other
you can make once upon a times story: there was a bear
and the bear had a house by a river
with some honey in a jar
every day the sun shone and the buttercups danced in the field....

you canz write one line each on the folded paper like peeps do for party games.

Saidso sez I am being bossy writing this to you, if so I very sorry!!!!
Can I please send Lisha9 a BIG FRIENDLY BEAR HUG! Perhaps she is too scared to play with her new bear in case someone laughs at her?!

I have some good, cheap recipes for spicy beanz and cornbread: onions, celery, chilli seeds, cumin, red beans, cornmeal, egg, flour - not expensive and you would be surprised how nice it tastes. Banana buns is one thing that bear stuffies and kids like to eat! We understand you worry about money, but now you has to work together.

That Chase bear seems like he might help you solving problems! He can zoom around and fix things perhaps?

Pls Don't be mad, just trying to hug Lisha9 and say something helpful to natalie !!!


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Default Re: hey im finally going

I'm happy lisha liked the bear, but I'm sorry it doesn't work for you, natalie.
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