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Smile Timmy Time!!

Iím 15 and I donít want to grow up. My sister and I have this running joke about an alter-ego of mine whom we call ďTimmyĒ. Timmy is 4 years old and depends on her mom for everything. While this is mostly an inside joke from when we played little big planet, I started thinking about Timmy is really just a manifestation of all of my fears of abandonment. And then I was thinking about how there are multiple ďTimmysĒ in my life. Thereís a version of me who wants to rule the world, one who wants to run away, one that wants to live in an asylum, and many, many more. I donít think this is a dissociation disorder or anything, but itís something Iíve kept on my radar.
Anyway, Timmy is my new best friend and I donít think sheíll be leaving me anytime soon.

Stay Strong,
Nikki of Asgard

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Default Re: Timmy Time!!

Hey Timmy

Im 32 and one aspect of me is still a kid, a mad bubble girl.

What others consider a reality is of no importance to her. Or rather its a nightmare to her.

A monster is always near her. With serpent body and lions head.

She lives in a living breathing house with a soul. Outside the house is nothing but deserts, ruins and ghosts...
that weird hidden space:
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