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Trig repressed memories, PLEASE HELP

Hello, my name is Han and I was hoping maybe someone could help me. I don't remember my life from ages 4-8, but rather snippets as if someone has cut out a crude jig saw puzzle filled with my memories. I don't remember any visits with my father, even though I know they happened. When I was younger, my mum said an 'incident' happened with my grandfather which caused her concern and started her suspicions that I was sexually abused by my father. I remember being really young when I learnt what masturbation was, but I don't remember how I knew. The only thing that made me feel 'good' when doing it was thinking about sexual abuse, like pamphlets on rape at the doctors or in magazines. I didn't understand what I was doing, and after wards I would cry because I felt so guilty. I remember that when masturbating I would think about various men in my life raping me, it was the only thing that made me feel 'good' in that way. I would fantasize about it a lot when I was younger. To this day I can only watch porn that is centred around non consent or abuse. I remember teaching my sister how to kiss people. I don't remember being with my dad, or anything like that. I remember cutting my dolls hair and hiding it under the bed out of shame, and I remember knowing how to touch myself at a really young age. I am filled with shame writing about this and my heart feels heavy. Did something happen to me? I know no one can definitively say, and Ive read that repressed memories have turned out to be fake so I feel really awful. I really believe that something happened to me, its the only thing I can think of to explain my behaviours, loss of memories and my strange distrust of men. Please can someone talk to me or help me? Thank you so much

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Default Re: repressed memories, PLEASE HELP

I dont know what to say other than I am going through the same. I dont have a whole lot of memory either but I am very confused about that. Some peope like my mom can remember everything and I remember very little its very tricky. If it is important for you to know dont let anyone take that from you. A therapist might be able to help you with the pieces. Good luck.
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My Mood: repressed memories, PLEASE HELP

Default Re: repressed memories, PLEASE HELP

I know how guilty you must feel and I know it must be very confusing. Perhaps something did happen, but you were at such a young age its hard to interpret and make sense of it all.
The important thing is that your intent here is to understand and wrap your mind around confusing events. I have had decades of sleepless nights wondering if I was dreaming about abusive events that occurred to me and to this day I still don't know and it makes me feel crazy at times and ashamed and embarrassed at other times.
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My Mood: repressed memories, PLEASE HELP

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Default Re: repressed memories, PLEASE HELP

Whether repressed memories are real or not is still debatable though. We canít really say itís fake or not yet. I suggest you seek a therapist as they might be able to help you getting some understanding about your concerns.
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