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Default Inappropriate?

Hi, I'm 45 and I went to take care of my grandfather this weekend with my son. My grandfather lost his wife about a year ago and he's in his 80's. Anyway when he went to hug me good by he hugged me long and tight both times and the second time he started to move his hand up my side slowly like he was going to touch my breast and I jumped back and left. Ok, so am I pushing my issues on him? Was it inappropriate? Am I reading too much into it? Is it that he's lonely and misses his wife... I'm super weirded out.
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Default Re: Inappropriate?

Isyour grandfather suffering from dementia?
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Default Re: Inappropriate?

It is possible that he meant to do that, but at his age it may be (old timers so to speak) , or dementia starting to show up. We are having problems with my mother in law now about this issue. We have had her to a Neuroligist to see if she is having one of these problems. If possible, it might be a good idea to have him checked. If ether of these isn't possible, please be careful.
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I agree with having your grandfather checked out for dementia. My grandfather-in-law had dementia and as it had progressed, he became very hypersexual, totally out-of-control. Luckily, he was in a memory canter where they knew what was going on with him and how to address it.

Either way, please be careful.

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