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Confused What Happens if I Tell Someone?

Hi there..! Casper here. So I've actually already told a friend about what's been going on and she's going to help support me.. please refer to my previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about-

But now here comes my other questions.. if I tell a counselor, what will happen? Does anyone know the process of how things will go down? Will my mom get in trouble? Will me and my baby brother be moved to Foster Care? What if me telling anyone worsens my mother's depression?
I really want to know what to expect if/when I tell an adult... I live in Texas and all these unanswered questions will keep me at this standstill. If you know what will happen or know who/where I could ask, that would be wonderful! Thank you! ^~^
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Default Re: What Happens if I Tell Someone?

If you are under 18, I'm pretty sure that as a mandated reporter, any therapist would have to contact the authorities due to the abuse.

To confirm specific laws in your state I would do some research. You could probably find out information by visiting the Health and Human Resources website for Texas and I'm sure there is information on the Mandated Reporter requirements for each state.

I don't think that should stop you from getting help, or reporting it, but I do think it is a good idea to have a good idea what would happen once you disclose the abuse.

I'm glad that you have a friend who is there for you. Maybe she can help you with the research.
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