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Default possibly sexually abused but can't recall?

is it possible to have experienced childhood/teen sexual abuse but have no memory of it?

i feel like i'd say, no i have never, because i don't remember but i was reading a few things on it and a lot of the symptoms ppl talk about were very much me and as an adult i struggle with issues touching and being touch, the idea of sex terrifies me and i can't be in relationships

i am just wondering if i am nuts or if i am forgetting something major somehow? seems weird i would not remember

one key thing is i remember being about 10 or so and constantly playing barbies so i could do sexual things with them, not me and them but using them together in a sexual way. i always was touching myself etc, i remember those things... i am freaking out. help!
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Default Re: possibly sexually abused but can't recall?

I kind of go thru the same thing. In third grade, I knew waaaaay too much about sex. There were weird things I knew about what others had no clue what I was talking about. Sensations I knew about that I shouldn't have... and I have no recollection of my 2nd grade year at all.


I have come to the conclusion it's possible and deal with it that way. Personally, I don't want to know. I'd rather know it's possible and just deal with it "as if it did" and it's been a little better.
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Default Re: possibly sexually abused but can't recall?

these kind of problems can be there for countless reasons, or for no reason that can ever be identified. treating them is probably the same regardless, see a therapist who can help you deal with them, but i dont honestly think you could stretch to attaching it to abuse that you cant remember, that would do you more harm than good
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Default Re: possibly sexually abused but can't recall?

I think you can. I was raped by my brother for more than 5years and it started well, when I was 5. I do remember it, but I don't remember many stuff from my childhood and teen years, it might be reverse from your case, but the events and our mind block some stuff out
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