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Unread 10-05-2017, 07:17 PM   #1
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Default Evidence I'm maybe accepting myself more..!

It's a small thing, but I was watching a program with two sisters, one very pretty and the boys' favourite, more wild and doing drugs and partying - the other also pretty but more shy and very sweet and kind, dedicated to her studies and working on her future, helping her mum out..

All my life, I've been drawn to the gorgeous wild ones who I've felt get all the attention - I guess I've thought that by spending time with them, some of their 'magic' might rub off on me.. However, for some time now, I've really focused on trying to accept myself as I am and not try to be what I think (some) other people would like.

And now, watching this I didn't find myself drawn to the popular one much at all - I felt I wouldn't have much in common with someone like her. Instead, I found myself genuinely thinking how sweet and lovely the other one is and really rooting for her

I feel like this is actually a pretty massive thing for me.. People often tend to describe me as sweet and I've almost been embarrassed about it, thinking I should be tough and feisty because then I'd be 'fun'.. I've also felt people say it in a bit of a condescending way of 'Aww you're so sweet - not very realistic but sweet, like a child..' But you know what, that's who I am and it's OK to be like this!! I am sweet, I genuinely care about people and want them to be and do well. I also enjoy a quiter life, a peaceful environment That's OK!!! I can be who I am The RIGHT people will enjoy my company. And it is soooo much easier being who I am than trying to force myself to be something I naturally am not!
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Default Re: Evidence I'm maybe accepting myself more..!

Wow that's wonderful to hear

Eat a live frog for breakfast every morning and nothing worse can happen to you that day!

"Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be left waiting for us in our graves - or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth. Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

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Default Re: Evidence I'm maybe accepting myself more..!

Hi ShareYourStory

That is so good to hear
And I'd say that there are TWO massive steps in there!!!
Not only did you show that you're accepting who you are but you also sound like you're valuing aspects of who you are!!! Which you should!!!!
I'd say that you've evidenced very admirable aspects there!!!
As well as plenty of other aspects on here such as great insight, connecting with others, caring about others and a lot of resolve and strength
Keep on with the accepting, keep on with the valuing. I appreciate you for being you and I'm sure the "right" people will/do too

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Unread 10-11-2017, 11:51 AM   #4
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Default Re: Evidence I'm maybe accepting myself more..!

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Unread 10-13-2017, 04:12 AM   #5
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Heart Re: Evidence I'm maybe accepting myself more..!

Important insights!
It must be so "freeing" to just be yourself!

May we each fully claim the courage to live from our hearts, to allow Love, Faith and Hope to enLighten our paths.

Kutless - What Faith Can Do
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