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Default Stomach upset when scared - solution..

For years now, I've suffered from stomach upset whenever I've felt emotions I wasn't allowed to feel growing up, in social situations, and sometimes even when I'm at home alone just thinking about something distressing..

Lately, I've had several experiences that have made me feel that maybe the solution to my stomach problem is that I start to defend myself if someone bullies me. I've always been a 'nice' girl who never says anything against other people, but it's really not doing me any favours. It's like I'm constantly apologising for existing, which makes me the perfect target for someone who wants to make others feel like crap about themselves..

Think I just needed to share this realisation.. I don't have to try and 'understand' bullies or just take their filth!
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Default Re: Stomach upset when scared - solution..

I can relate. Anytime my stress gets too high I vomit.
People suck in general.
I found with bullies is to just take it and dish it back. People are weak and get hurt easily. Sometimes you just have to 'roll with the punches' and stand up for yourself, you don't have to fight or anything sometimes just having confidence in yourself makes them feel foolish in general.
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