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Default People Not Understanding Social Anxiety

So I have dealt with social anxiety (disorder) for as long as I remember. I was officially diagnosed until a few years, but I knew that I had it since I was a kid.

But anyways, in school, i have to do presentations and it causes me to have panic attacks, which cause me to blank out and freeze, and then I lose marks for my presentation. So I have an IEP and one of my accommodations is allowing me to do presentations privately for teachers. But whenever I do, teachers guilt me to present in front of the class, saying "you presented so well" or "people would love to listen to this" or "your presentation is so interesting that people will enjoy it" or something along these lines and it frustrates me. I know people may "love" it or that I presented so well, but that's because I am accommodated. If I am not, I get severe panic attacks.

The last time I had a performance for my exam I just ended up taking my medication before my presentation and it seemed to help at least the pre-performance anxiety.

But I hate being guilted into doing presentations for the class/peers as it makes me extremely anxious. People just don't understand that this isn't something I can control or want. I am a lot better than I was years ago, but still have a long way to go in terms of treatment.
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I have ASD so please be kind if I say something socially unacceptable. Thank you.
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Default Re: People Not Understanding Social Anxiety

Oh yeah totally understand. If it were me I'd feel like I had to do it to please the teacher and that would cause me even more stress. Thinking I'd let them down!

It is annoying but you just have to do what's best for you I find people do have real difficulty understanding mental illness unless they've experienced it
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Default Re: People Not Understanding Social Anxiety

I think they are just trying to encourage you in case you want to try it---not to guilt you into doing it if you don't want to. What they realize is a lot of jobs later in life require some presentation skills so its a good thing to learn, but if you can't then don't feel bad about it.

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Default Re: People Not Understanding Social Anxiety


hi Scarlet, I'm wondering if you could practice with a few ppl., perhaps family or close friends that would help get started. if you did one good presentation it would give you the confidence to keep going. I used to be similar and I started to learn off my presentations by heart and gained confidence that way.
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Default Re: People Not Understanding Social Anxiety

I needed to attend a wedding shower last night. My husband didn't tell me until the last minute. That worked out ok, this time, I didn't have enough time to go over all the what ifs in my head. Until I get there. Then I didn't know but one couple and I stayed off to myself until we could leave.
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Default Re: People Not Understanding Social Anxiety

I had such social anxiety, I couldn't do presentations. One class I had an A in and told the teacher I'd take a C but I could not present. He offered for me to give it just to him and I still couldn't. He gave me an A anyway.

Another time I tried really hard to present in front of a large class and my voice started shaking and the professor laughed. That incident made up my mind that it is something I am not doing. I hate having social anxiety. It makes things difficult. You're absolutely right, people don't get it.

I'm glad you have accommodations and are getting the job done. Kudos to you.
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