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Default Thought I was progressing

I have felt I had made huge progress in overcoming my anxiety, mainly social anxiety.
I went through therapy, take anti depressants/anti anxiety medication.. and today it was put to the test and I failed MISERABLY.
I was invited to a support group for abuse survivors and I felt lost and sick almost the entire 2 hours. I didn't speak a word and I felt that I was about to burst into tears for the whole session.

I felt so prepared and ready for it that it shocked me at how horrible I felt throughout. I just do not know how I can improve and feel okay socializing.
My goal was to go to college this year and after tonight I feel so horribly defeated and hopeless.. I feel I just won't be able to do this anymore.

I don't know what to do anymore..
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mulan May it all be ok someday
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Default Re: Thought I was progressing

I don't know what to say. Only that I am sorry and that I understand how you feel, unfortunately.

Remember how brave you were.
Hoping this was just a minor set back in the process and you keep doing better.
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Default Re: Thought I was progressing

The progress you've made hasn't been lost ... it's still there
You went to the group ... big step in itself
Yes it was rough, but wow pat yourself on the back for going ..and a group for survivors is already going to be rough emotionally and not surprising it knocked you over
Can you try something else and see how you go with that? Something without so many emotional tanglements
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