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Default A visit to the dentist

For a few months I've really struggled. Partially I think it's been related to a visit to the dentist half a year ago, which revealed quite suddenly that I have many problems and not nearly enough funds to solve them. So I've been saving since then and trying to recover mentally, and today I had enough courage for a consultation. Now I'm afraid that it was too soon, because of the effect the interaction with the people has had on me. Although maybe there is no good time... From the inability to formulate responses, to speak clearly, to sweating all the time, not being able to follow what the other person is saying, then fighting with myself about it on the way home. Plus the fear of pain and them clearly knowing that I'm feeling it.

What's worse, I can't in good conscience treat myself to a sweet as a reward/comfort.

I just hate myself.
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Default Re: A visit to the dentist

You have my sympathies. I hate going to the dentist or doctor, especially as I struggle to explain myself clearly and worry about being misunderstood.

Whenever I go I try to proud of myself, reminding myself that by taking care of myself (or at least trying to) that I'm doing a really good thing.

I know you're scared, but you should stick with going back for another consultation/treatment. You may have enough money to have some of your problems fixed.

There are online support forums for people with Dental Phobia. They offer good advice to each other on what to expect and offer tips on how to cope. Maybe it would be useful to you?

Please take care and good luck! Let us know how you get on Also be proud of yourself for finding the courage to go back!
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Default Re: A visit to the dentist

Oh, I forgot about this thread.

Well, since last time, I got a root canal done and a filling at that time, but also a filling just yesterday... That sounds kind of crappy... Well. Hopefully my new sugar-free diet improves the situation... I mean, the situation is supposed to deteriorate with age, but hopefully at a slower rate?

Social anxiety doesn't particularly haunt me at that clinic... Well, the last visit was kind of awkward, but I don't let myself dwell on it nowadays (by almost always listening to things on the headphones outside, in particular).
Social anxiety and possible Aspergers (undiagnosed, but it helps to let you know to more quickly find a common ground).

Life is a journey without a destination.
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Smile Re: A visit to the dentist

Over the years, I've become really compulsive about my teeth. I go to the dentist every six months to have them cleaned & checked. As a result, they're in pretty good shape now, although I had a lot of problems many years ago as a young adult since my parents didn't take care of my teeth growing up. But I still always dread going to the dentist. I start ruminating over it about a week before every appointment. I'm glad to hear you're getting your dental problems taken care of...
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