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My Mood: The act of smoking <3 need to quit </3

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Default The act of smoking <3 need to quit </3

I love the way my body feels when I smoke. Just feeling the smoke go down into your lugs, inhaling it. Than releasing it out. Basically breathing it.
That act alone, is my favorite part! My body feels so much lighter and my mind just focuses on that moment. Nothing matters right then and there. I don't think of anything else, just enjoying the act of smoking.

Now I know smoking isn't what I need. It's something that I want, I love it so much....

I want to make positive changes in my life and quitting is a part of that. I want to quit because, 1: I want to join the military.. 2: I know I am addicted. EVERYTIME someone offers it to me I NEVER turn it down. I smoke all day through out the day until I fall asleep. If I don't smoke I feel like something is incomplete and I need to do it!! I try not to smoke before I fall asleep but I just can't do it. I literally won't fall asleep....
I noticed it is a bad habit and I need to stop no matter if I love it...
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My Mood: The act of smoking &lt;3 need to quit &lt;/3

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Default Re: The act of smoking <3 need to quit </3

I had the same issue. (At least I said had because I'm about 2 weeks into quitting cigarettes but not nicotine because I have a vape! It's easy to quit on that I've heard!)

At one point in time, they brought my sister and I from an awkward place to a comfortable one when we were basically forced to move in together. Then I got diagnosed, and the smoking became like 1-2 packs a day. So I get what you mean about loving the way it feels. It helps relax you too and stays in the system for a while. I have spent possibly $25,000 on them!

One way to get off of them without sacrificing the nicotine is to smoke a vaping device. The liquids come with nicotine in them if asked to make it that way!
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