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Unread 05-18-2017, 07:00 PM   #1
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Default Insomnia

Using trazodone 50mg for sleep. Only get 3 hours. Anybody with magic options? Have tried meditation videos, Benadryl and Remeron.
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Default Re: Insomnia

I've tried many things, to no avail. I hope you get a different outcome.
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Default Re: Insomnia

I have had severe insomnia since early childhood. Most sleeping meds will put me to sleep; however I found out I have sleep apnea which is made worse by sleeping meds. This is one reason why I am discontinuing Seroquel; I stop breathing. And I need to avoid these meds now.
You probably know of lifestyle changes; like no caffeine or excess sugar, etc.
I found counting while visualizing numbers in different colors and shapes makes me sleepy. Reading something very boring helps to make me drowsy. This does not put me to sleep though. I put the tv on turn off the picture so the room is dark and close my eyes and visualize what is happening (that sometimes help put me to sleep).
I tried Melatonin and it dried my mouth out; but worked only at high doses.
Tryptophan or Valerian Root will make people sleepy.
Warm milk and graham crackers were used when I worked in a nursing home, to help people go to sleep.
Do you have a white noise machine? Or a favorite relaxing youtube music video? I have this one:
I also wear silicone ear plugs, the ones that can mold into the ear. The foam ones hurt my ears. Also I cover my head (leaving my nose and mouth exposed) with a heavy corn filled bag or a filled towel; it does something to comfort me and block out light and noise. Hope this helps! Good luck.
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Default Re: Insomnia

I have had periods in my life where nothing worked. During these times my doc prescribed Xyrem. It is very strong and most doctors won't prescribe and few are familiar with it. Only one pharmacy produces it as it is the legal form of GHB. It is a liquid and tastes bad so you have to mix with something. After a few months you may want to wean off and see if new sleep pattern has emerged and you can do it with trazadone or a normal sleep aid. It works for me everything else fails.
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Default Re: Insomnia

I've tried a bunch of things that didn't work. So now I take quetiapine in the evening, but it only make me a little tired.

The magic thing that made me sleep through the night was/is a weighted blanket.

No it's not magic but almost

(sorry, cant post links yet)
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