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My Mood: Trouble getting to sleep?

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Default Re: Trouble getting to sleep?

Originally Posted by DarknessIsMyFriend View Post
I probably shouldn't even comment here due to my feelings about meds but when I saw the comment about Seroquel I honestly felt a chill go down my spine.

I fail to see how Seroquel could be considered a sleep aid. I flat out almost died from Serequel about 6 years ago. I was on Seroquel but was forced to stop taking it because I got kicked off my mother's insurance and couldn't afford to see a doctor to get a refill. After I stopped taking it, I was awake non stop for almost a full 7 days. I flat out couldn't sleep. Towards the end of the 7 day period, my heart rate and temp were skyrocketing. I don't think I ever was so terrified in my life. I was literally scared to even go to the hospital since my mother used psych wards to "punish" me for disobeying her. Luckily the effects wore off and I was finally able to sleep after almost a full week.

So yeah from my experience, Seroquel is anything but a sleep aid.

What dosage were you on?
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My Mood: Trouble getting to sleep?

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Default Re: Trouble getting to sleep?

Originally Posted by Guiness187055 View Post
What dosage were you on?

Hell if I remember, that was 6 years ago lol.

I stay away from prescription medicine now for anything that isn't life threatening. I prefer alternative medicine and natural solutions to my problems. The negative side effects with prescriptions honestly aren't worth the potential reward to me.

Speaking of which, maybe OP should try some natural sleep aids?
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