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My Mood: Disturbing dreams about animals

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Default Disturbing dreams about animals

I woke up having had a succession of dreams about (mainly) vulnerable abused animals. I have just left a very emotionally verbally and psychologically abusive relationship and have not yet faced that with therapy so Iím sure that has something to do with it but Iíd still like some help interpreting the dreams if anyone would like to offer some guidance

Lots of cats are in my house, some were quite neglected and dirty and it made me feel uneasy. One was small and black and I said ah look at the good girl, then she morphed into a human with lots of dry sleep in her eyes and told me she likes being in the house because itís so cold outside and she has no owners. I said how old are you and someone said 5. (In real life I have a cat and there are lots of strays outside I sometimes thing about)

I am near a well with my Mom and 2 birds fly into the well, I can see their feathers near the top of the well and it makes me feel uneasy.

A lovely little poodle with almost human features comes over to say hi. There are other animals there and I feel their encouragement to say hello. The poodle smiles at me and lies on its back, itís neck is just a flimsy string. An emotionless teenager walks over and stands on its neck and I feel very upset.

A little monkey is lying on a bed and looks just to have been born. It seems very human and can say mama, it has a teddy and seems happy. Suddenly the teddy is taken off him and a mask is put on him that not only deafens him but blinds him and he screams mammy mama over and over looking for help. It is really distressing to witness.

Any thoughts would be great, I woke up very anxious and upset.
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Default Re: Disturbing dreams about animals

Hi Eleny,

You had these dreams one after another during the same night?

The cat that morphed into being human, did you recognize her in any way? Did anything about her remind you of someone in your present or past? Did she resemble you in any way?

The striking thing about these dreams is that except for the birds, the animals become human or seem almost human. I'm thinking that these animals are symbolizing some aspect of you or your life - past and/or present. They all seem vulnerable in some way or abused.

I'm wondering why your unconscious is choosing to represent aspects of you and your life in animal form or as hybrids of animal/human. Have you had other dreams in the past featuring animals or animals becoming human or being part human and animal?

My guess is that these animals are representing vulnerability, as you seem to have a lot of compassion for the vulnerability of animals. And so your dream is using this to connect with your own sense of vulnerability, especially regarding neglect, abuse, and the reaching out for help.
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My Mood: Disturbing dreams about animals

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Default Re: Disturbing dreams about animals

((((Eleny)))) I think NightNotes might be right.
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My Mood: Disturbing dreams about animals

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Default Re: Disturbing dreams about animals

The dreams had everything to do with..."I have just left a very emotionally verbally and psychologically abusive relationship".. The animals represent parts of yourself. Showing how you felt in that abusive relationship.
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