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Default I dreamt

This is odd, because I don't usually have dreams, but I had my first dream in a long time and it was a kind of sad nightmare. For some reason, I was robbing a convenience store, armed with a baseball bat, destroying everything in my path, hitting people in the head that stood in my way. I came across the jewelry section, and tried to smash the glass table thing, and my bat just bounced off of it, and the clerk pulled out a gun and shot me under my collarbone. I said something to the effect of, "huh. You actually did it. You shot me." And a hit him with the baseball bat, sending him to unconciousness. There was a second clerk a few feet away, and I ran to try to get him, but the blood loss caused me to stumble and collapse to my knees. The other clerk shot me 3 times in the side of the neck, and I somehow survived. The police arrived, in a sort-of dream jumpcut, but this time, the bullet holes were all in my chest, and everything was wet with blood. The blood was particularly disturbing, as it was in realistic formation and quantities, and I just felt my chest, covered with blood as the police arrested me. I can't remember what really happened after then, but I know that the realism of the justice system began to slip, and I know that I was just left with this overwhelming guilt even after I woke up.

In real life, I would never steal. I would never hurt someone, and if I did, someone would better shoot me. It's just... I don't dream, and then this super-vivid, ultra-realistic, sad, painful dream comes out of nowhere and I don't know what it means.
We all need a little bit of help. Some of us more than others. I hope that in some way, I can help people.
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Default Re: I dreamt

I hope you're feeling a little better now.
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Default Re: I dreamt

The dream says you need to get things and feelings off your chest. You are keeping yourself from expressing what is in your Heart.
I dreamt
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