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Default Dreams about plane crashes

Hi everyone - this is possibly triggering because it's quite descriptive

Over the past months/year or more I've noticed that I seem to dream a lot about plane crashes. Almost always watching them happen, from close up or far away, and a lot of feeling like the plane is going to crash into me. At the moment I am having intense anxiety and last night I had a big dream like this, where I looked up and the entire sky was covered by a plane's belly and engines, engulfed in a lightning storm. The overwhelming feeling in these dreams is that I'm about to be killed, or that things are totally out of my control and I have to surrender to that. Sometimes this feeling overlaps into events in my day.

For example - this might sound really tangential, but it makes sense in my head - I'm quite scared of the dark, and hate walking into dark places by myself. My instinct is to get into a corner and hide. In my dreams, I can't hide, and don't seem to be able to control my movements much. In reality, now, when I walk into dark areas, I feel kind of numb to it, like I have begun to feel in these plane crash dreams - like I must make myself numb to the possibility of something terrible happening. I don't think it's dissociating but it's kind of cutting myself off from myself so that my body can walk into the dark but I don't really care about being scared.
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Default Re: Dreams about plane crashes

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Default Re: Dreams about plane crashes

Our mind in dreams do process the events of our day. You may be feeling out of control in a real life situation. A situation that you feel is about to come crashing down on you.
Dreams about plane crashes
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