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Default Covered With Maggots

I woke up this morning very disturbed by dreaming I had maggots all over me,in my hair,on my body,and they were falling off of me.I was trying to get them off of me,was pulling them out of my hair,watching them fall to the ground.I became overwhelmed at the amount of them,started panicking and then woke up.

It was horrible.What does it mean?
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Default Re: Covered With Maggots

Some things or people in real life got in your hair, and they are really bugging you.
Covered With Maggots

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Default Re: Covered With Maggots

Have you experienced a death recently?
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Eyes of Blue
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Default Re: Covered With Maggots

Maggots are basically a worm. As such they represent an aspect of your own emotional nature which can incline or motivate you to have feelings of "lowness", i.e. feeling unworthy. being unrefined, lacking in culture, or being coarse in behaviour etc. This idea or feeling not only affects you on an emotional level (on my body) but has also gotten into your way of thinking (in my hair) As the maggots are falling off you, it is indicated that there is a failing in this idea/feeling.

Watching the maggots fall to the ground can suggest that you need to keep an eye on a situation because there may be grounds to justify a feeling of lowness. The very large amount of maggots seen also indicates that the feeling of lowness has become very intense and may be cause to panic. This sense of panic can propel you to "wake up". that is, to come to a greater state of awareness.

Another possible explanation for this dream could be a badly chosen choice of expressions. Maggots are usually associated with dead bodies. Do you perhaps express your feeling of being in trouble by saying "I'm dead!'. People need to remember that words have consequences. They manifest in a physical form and you don't want the reality of your words. The panicking and waking up still applies here.
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