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Trig Why is this happening to me ....Erectile disfunction FIRST TIME...must!!

What is the cause of my ED after my love threw me out for 48 hrs and then took me back after i went through serious shock and crying for 48hrs..We have a home together and she threw me out and i was absolutely in shock.Well i come back home 48 hrs later as happy as can be....we start having sex maybe 8-9 hours after i got back home after talking in bed all night....well i get on top half hard and then she flips me on my back to get on top of me and i go totally limp.I love her SO deep and cried for 2 days like CRAZY crying...I didnt eat normal ...nothing i did for 2 days was normal.....but after being happily back with her at 7pm and its now 4am and i just went limp when she got on top of me....i told her i was still in shock from her leaving me for 2 days while i thought we were done forever and i really love her.So she took me back and i was soooo happy but she thinks i dont wanna have sex with her and its not true at ALL.I wanted to have sex with her all night but i could not get it up more then a minute....she was frustrated and thinks im uninterested in her or i cheated on her!!!NOT true at ALL..i love this girl like my children and id never do her wrong.Please explain why i could not get hard after going through the last 48hrs thinking i was losing her for good!!!I swear i want to bang her brains out but i just cant cus of the shock i went through because i really love her and want no other female BUT her....but was in fear of losing the love of my life for 2 days til she said come whats most likley reason i could not bang her brains out???Even took an extenz pill that usally always makes it super hard....she was able to kiss me and get it hard but as soon as we stop kissing and she gets on me it goes soft???Whyy whyyy whyyy....tell her its because i love her and was in fear of losing her....ive never cried the way i did the last 2 days and im 35 year old male who left a 15 year relationship to be with this girl for 7 months now that i LOVE beyond words and its not just sex its her personality and her why could i not perform like a wild bull after she took me back???Im telling u i was in super shock when she tokd me she dont want to be with me anymore and to leave ....drove around for 2 days and worked the first day and stayed at a buddys house that night then drove around and overworked out ..i ran 3 miles in morning and 3 miles at night and worked out at the gym both times after having this ED issue and she questions what i did or why i dint want to have sex with her....please help clarify whats going on???Thanks
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Default Re: Why is this happening to me ....Erectile disfunction FIRST TIME...must read....he

She broke your heart and your trust, destroyed your security. Your head may have forgiven her your heart and soul clearly haven't.
Obviously your more traumatized than you realized. I advise you both getting into therapy quickly before the problem becomes compounded.
Whilst your happy to be back, you don't just magically stop being hurt or angry for what she did. It's hiding and denying these emotions that are most likely the cause of I problem.
Do not allow her to start making accusations as this will almost certainly cause you to have even more difficulties

By the way, has she said sorry? And meant it.
Sometimes it's the simplest things that can help.

All the best, I hope you to work it out.
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Default Re: Why is this happening to me ....Erectile disfunction FIRST TIME...must read....he

I'm sorry I didn't read everything, but going from your title I don't think you have ED once!
ED is a long standing diagnosis process from what I understand.
"Doubt is like dye. Once it spreads into the fabric of excuses you've woven, you'll never get rid of the stain."
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Default Re: Why is this happening to me ....Erectile disfunction FIRST TIME...must read....he

you need to calm down, resume living normally, and this problem will go away. focusing on it is counterproductive.
Dx: Bipolar I w/Psychotic Features
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Default Re: Why is this happening to me ....Erectile disfunction FIRST TIME...must read....he

Do not be afraid to talk to your partner if you suffer from ED problems, it is an issue that must be treated with maturity and responsibility.
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