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Unread 08-01-2007, 11:43 AM   #1
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Default Sexual Disturbed and Depressed....VERY OPEN HELP!!!!!!!

Being a teenage male my sex drive is well up...but not as up as most I think. With in the past year I've had very sexual thoughts but not like "i need sex"....I'm afraid...I've never been in a relationship and I'm young...I've dated 2 ppl but briefly and wasn't even a considered relation in my book. I'm so so scared...lately on the front of PC alot of ppl ask about "not getting sex" and feel its ruining the relationshipp....IS SEX ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS?!

I'm so scared..I do have sexual thoughts...I've never acted upon them with another person..I'm just so scared I'll fallin love with someone and have to provide sex to keep them...don't get me is a human want yes I have that...but I dunno I'm afraid PC...that I won't be good enough...I probably make no sense...but I'm always thinking about this..I cry about it..its very serious to me...

I feel that I need a sexual experience as a teen to calm my emotions...But I'm the type of person that if it ever gets that far then its true love..and I believe in only ONE true love..and I'll never replace them..

Gosh ramble ramble.............................sry!
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Default Re: Sexual Disturbed and Depressed....VERY OPEN HELP!!!!!!!

No - SEX, is not all there is to a good relationship...
It is not so much about the quantity of sex one is having, but rather the quality of the intimacy one is having inside & out of the bedroom.

IMO many men forget to take care of her heart out side of the bedroom, therefore, she may seek more sex to compensate for other areas of loss.
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Default Re: Sexual Disturbed and Depressed....VERY OPEN HELP!!!!!!!

hi moonkin -

no! you don't have to have sex to have a relationship - ESPECIALLY since you are a TEENAGER!!!

you need to keep something in mind when you are reading posts and questions from people here - this is not a teen site - this site has adults and teens. adults who've been in relationships for years and have been sexually active for years look at sex in a relationship differently than a teenage would

i was a virgin in high school and happy to be one! i'm sure you will meet plenty of girls or boys who are virgins and do NOT want to and/or are NOT ready for sex!!!

meet a someone, date for a while and then you can talk about having sex - personally i don't think teenagers should be having have your entire life to have sex....enjoy being a kid while you can!

btw - don't have a sexual experience just to have one... my first kiss was with someone i didn't care too much for....i just wanted to have a first kiss - have some kind of 'sexual' type experience... i regret that...i'll never have a first kiss again...and mine was horrible!

just my 2 cents
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Default Re: Sexual Disturbed and Depressed....VERY OPEN HELP!!!!!!!

Hi Moonkin,
When I was a teenge male my hormones and sex drive was raging out of control and I experienced a lot of the same thoughts you have. When in high school alot of the other guys in school were always talking about sex and the other girls and who's pants everyone was getting into. I never found myself fitting into that peer group...but eventually I found girl friends who wanted to date me for who I was and I wasn't one of the Jocks trying to score....Although when I met the right girl and the relationship
went well an we were comfortable with each other sex did happen.
In the mean time I would suggest Masturbation when your sex drive is Kicking..many of the sex therapsts suggest this and Its not Taboo like it used to be...Your a normal human being with needs and you can take your time with dating....Hope this wasn't too BLUNT....But never let yourself be pressured into any type of sex with anyone.....abstinence is a days with sexually transmitted diseases..Especially AIDS...which affects everyone now a days...(so if you do have sex ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU PRACTICE SAFE SEX) TO!! I hope this helps you....
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