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Default Religious and Finally Realizing I'm Biromantic Straight

I made this post because I wanted to share this small news to the PC community. I'm not sure when I'm going to tell my friends - there's nothing that's stopping me - but I will when I'm confident ^^ So here it is:

I currently and will identify as biromantic heterosexual, and doing so has cleared up misconceptions that have doubted who I really am. Starting from middle school, I thought I was bisexual because simply put, I liked boys and girls & all I knew were straight, bi, and gay. Growing up, I got turned on by lesbian porn which contributed to the thought of bisexuality, but one day when I decided to stop watching it for a year or two, I realized these sexual feelings for women stemmed from lust instead of being derived from strong, emotional attachments with a loved one. Lust doesn't count, I realized, so I stopped labeling myself as "bisexual". That's my personal belief.

The days when I was in kindergarten reminded me of a short-term romantic "relationship" a childhood friend and I had because, well, it just happened, and even though all we did was kiss, I knew this was a hint that I wasn't completely hetero. Also, I play the sims, and sometimes I have my simself form romantic relationships with other female sims before settling down with a man. Well, it's not called a simulation of life for nothing, haha Honorable mentions are having major crushes on specific types of girls and imagining going on dates and making out with them, but I couldn't imagine myself touching a girl sexually.

I'm biromantic straight because while I do develop romantic feelings for both genders, realistically, I see myself settling down with only men. I also want to have kids which is why I'm still straight (I'm aware there are other ways to conceive children, btw, but this is just my natural preference).

As for the religious part, I wanted to say that I'm a moderately-religious Muslim (for instance, I don't wear the hijab except for special occasions and I don't drink & eat pork). I decided to introduce my religion in this post because I think a viewer in PC could relate in any shape or form. As a final statement, I wanted to share my thoughts on the relationship between being religious and not 100% hetero with respect to PC rules. Being not completely straight should not mean that person is any less of what he/she is truly worth. One's romantic/sexual orientation should not be one of the attributes to devalue a person's level of faith. I want to add more but I realize it's almost 6 AM so I'm going to head to bed now.
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Default Re: Religious and Finally Realizing I'm Biromantic Straight

Biromantic describes a person who is romantically attracted to two or more genders, often including their own. Biromantic asexual people may seek romantic relationships for a variety of reasons, including companionship, affection, and intimacy, but they are not necessarily sexually attracted to their romantic partners
I wanted to share this because I had to look it up and thought others might have to as well.
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Default Re: Religious and Finally Realizing I'm Biromantic Straight

I applaud you for coming out to yourself and to this community, and I hope that your coming out to your friends will be a positive experience. Iknow a lot of people, may not understand how one can come out as other-than-standard-heterosexual and still be a part of one's faith, but I can empathize. I am an openly gay male and openly Christian (just on the progressive side of the Christian spectrum). There are a greater number of people of faith who also identify as somehow "queer." I hope you can also find those connections in your own life.
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