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My Mood: "I'll keep you warm all winter"

Default "I'll keep you warm all winter"

My girlfriend's bedroom is freezing, but I promised I'd keep her warm all winter. She said that's very romantic, but since we only see each other once a week it's not possible.

It didn't occur to her that I'd get her a heated mattress pad.
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Default Re: "I'll keep you warm all winter"

Lol. Adorable.
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Default Re: "I'll keep you warm all winter"

I can truly sympathize!

My friends and my girlfriend only visit on the weekends and they were all complaining about how cold it was a month or so ago. ĎItís 64F degrees!í I cried, Ďa heatwave!í Well, no, not really, so each Friday afternoon, I turn my thermostat to 74F degrees and back down to 65F degrees late Sunday.

Iím not sure that a heated mattress pad falls within the ĎIíll keep you warm all winterí romantic-kind-of-thing. Maybe a giant 800-fill down comforter?

There is simply nothing romantic about anything that needs to be plugged into an electrical socket.
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