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Default Re: What do women want online???

Originally Posted by Patagonia View Post
Why does this conversation keep circling around money????

And why are there so many cookie cutter rules for the right mate?

Geez, live a bit.
There are no cookie cutter rules at all. It all depends on individual and what they want in life at the moment.

I lived a ton, not a bit lol had tons of casual dating, friends with benefits, got married, divorced, had a very long term relationship, enjoyed singlehood with no dating etc and now am happily married second time. I clearly lived more than a bit.

When I dated casually or had friends with benefits I had one set of requirements, but when I decided I am interested in marrying again my requirements changed.

The focus isn't on money but you can't deny importance of it. I have a life long career and have no interest in taking on a man. I wanted an equal partner. I had no interest to become poor so I can have a man. So money matters when you want commitment

When a person just want sex and casual interaction, then it doesn't matter. But OP says he wanted women in open marriages. Well he is looking in wrong places to begin with.
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My Mood: What do women want online???

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Default Re: What do women want online???

I'm not sure where one would find women in open marriages.

Then you might be looking into poly relationships.

And yes I understand that money matters but I think OP was looking for a date.
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