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Default SI and personality Traits

Self-Injurers and Their Common Personality Traits - HealthyPlace
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Default Re: SI and personality Traits

What I am missing in that list is high levels of sensitivity and empathy. From what I have seen that is quite a common trait but perhaps I have simply just seen a sample thats too limited.
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Default Re: SI and personality Traits


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So true! I can't believe how many other people suffer from something so similar.. it's awful
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Default Re: SI and personality Traits

I used to SI almost daily. Free now. See how the list fits me. As nothing does cuz I'm too weird.

strongly dislike/invalidate themselves I don't dislike me, but I have limits I don't like.
are hypersensitive to rejection More about if it is because people are angry with my behavior. Friend since 8 years left without a reason. Didn't care much.
are chronically angry, usually at themselves Used to be quite aggro back then, quick to outbursts, I think mainly because I was always mentally tired. Wasn't mad at me.
tend to suppress their anger No. LOL NO.
have high levels of aggressive feelings, which they disapprove of strongly and often suppress or direct inward Nope.
are more impulsive and more lacking in impulse control With 99 % of all things, no.
tend to act in accordance with their mood of the moment Probably. Unless I planned something else I really had to do.
tend not to plan for the future Didn't back then, was too ill, otherwise I do.
are depressed and suicidal / self-destructive I was very depressed and also bit suicidal, and self destructive well yea can you SI without being causing any destruction?
suffer chronic anxiety No. Now and then.
tend toward irritability Yep. At least then.
do not see themselves as skilled at coping I thought I had a good way.
do not have a flexible repertoire of coping skills Probably not since I don't really understand the question.
do not think they have much control over how/whether they cope with life Control is a myth. Life kills.
tend to be avoidant Nope.
do not see themselves as empowered Don't know what this means.

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