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My Paper Heart
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Default Loss of Anger Management Technique

I have serious anger management problems that can result in me disassociating a bit (nowhere near blacking out, just me getting overwhelmed and turning off all emotions, essentially becoming useless for the rest of the day).

I've had these issues for more than 25 years and they're just getting worse.

I just started getting into boxing/kickboxing in the last 2 months and it was really helping... Then I had to move suddenly (from making the decision to move to actually arriving was done in 2 weeks) and now I'm in the middle of nowhere with the closest gym with a heavy bag about an hour away.

I can't afford my own heavy bag (money is the reason I moved in the first place) but I really need an outlet for my anger.

Any suggestions? Thank you!
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My Mood: Loss of Anger Management Technique

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Default Re: Loss of Anger Management Technique

Hi, My_Paper_Heart,

I googled anger outlets physical alternatives and this is one of the options I got:

How To Turn Anger Into Creative Energy

I hope it helps!
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