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Default Student who doesn't care about plagiarism

I am working on a project with two students. One is a foreign exchange student. Her biggest problem is that she doesn't meet deadline.
We are sharing google slide now to make a presentation and I found that she copied text from websites without research.
I think this is plagiarism and some of her parts are out of context.
Professor hates plagiarism, which will affect our grade.
What should I do?
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Default Re: Student who doesn't care about plagiarism

Maybe she does not know it is plagiarism or that it won't "do" for the project. I would just try to approach her as if she does not know and tell her those parts will not do, and tell her (even if it is not true) she has to footnote her contribution, say where the information is from and that it has to be in her own words or quoted properly, in context, etc.
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Default Re: Student who doesn't care about plagiarism

Plagiarism is rampant in high school especially with computer cut and paste features and the Internet. Teachers, with their heavy workloads don't have time to monitor this. The only one hurt by plagiarism is the student himself. Teach him to be first best but if he decides to be second best so be it.
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