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Book Anybody else find it hard to study outside of school?

I just started college earlier this month and already I've began to learn a lot of things about myself.

I've talked about how I've had difficulties concentrating and getting things done in the past. Here lately, I've been finding out that I don't have these issues nearly as bad when I'm at school.

Because of this, I have been trying to get the majority of all of my school/homework done at school. I spend countless hours at the school library which stays open until 9PM on weekdays and I get help from school tutors whenever possible.

I was able to pull myself out of a bad position this week when my first final essay was due. I got so overwhelmed with things that I didn't get enough done at school, yet, I couldn't get anything at home. I pulled through and got an A because I was able to have several hours to spend at school finishing things up.

However, what scares me is that if I start working and/or start doing more classes that take more of my time, will I be able to do as well as I am now? I already have difficulties with time management. All though I am improving, I still have that fear that if I take more of a load on than I am now, will my grades suffer?

Getting a 94 on a final essay after never having to do an essay anywhere near this big ever in my entire life and being out of school for 7-8 years is something that I am proud of. I don't want to lose this momentum and start doing badly because of me being inefficient with my time and resources or screwing something up.

Anybody else here have similar struggles?

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Default Re: Anybody else find it hard to study outside of school?

Taking help from a tutor is a good option. Try to stay focused and have confidence in yourself. You will do great!
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Default Re: Anybody else find it hard to study outside of school?

Do what you can manage, if you want to take more classes considering adding one to your schedule each semester and see how each works out for you. Don't sign up for a ton of classes if you don't think you can handle it, there's nothing wrong with taking your time and it sounds like you're using the resources available to you and putting in the work needed which is a good thing

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Default Re: Anybody else find it hard to study outside of school?

Congratulations on the best score possible - or at least, a 94 is the top mark at my uni. Sounds to me like you might compartmentalise your life somewhat so college/college/uni occupies a speck in your head and home occupies another - and never do they meet. If studying on site helps you, go with it. Why fight it?

With regards to how will you cope if you take on more... don't do that just now. Your skills and stamina will grow. Your ability to study in different environments will improve. But for now, just enjoy thriving as you've figured out what works for you in the here and now.

I left school with my highest grade being an E in English (U.K. GCSE) I just couldn't handle school. I'm now on my second Masters. It gets easier the more you do it. I'm now addicted to studying!!!! 🤐
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