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Default Art student problems, help please?

Currently I'm studying at an art school, which is great since art is my passion. But i have two main problem, I'm not confident of my art and I'm sort of a perfectionist.

Every time I think of something I always seem to deny it and think of it as ugly, and I'm afraid of people with higher skill and ability to criticize my art. It's easy for me to feel discouraged by my own expectations and thinking.

In a group I'm usually open for suggestions, but it's rather hard for me to be the one suggesting something, I'm never confident about my own ability and art, and I'm afraid of other people judging the things I feel good about. Usually I'd just keep silent and be a good listener. At the end I never really think of anything about me being 'good', it's either 'so-so' or 'damn ugly'.

This kind of thinking also effects my leadership ability, lots of people think I have qualities in my self, but it fails to show because of this negative thinking I've been fighting for years.

Do you have suggestions or maybe tips for me to solve this problem? It would be a huge help for my studies and career in the future.
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Default Re: Art student problems, help please?

I'm sorry you feel this way It looks like you may have self-esteem problems. Maybe counseling would help?
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Default Re: Art student problems, help please?

Try being more confident in your art and your ideas. I know your a perfectionist, but after spending time in my art appreciation class, art does not have to be perfect. It has to be what ever you want it to be and it should represent you in some type of way. Also be more assertive. Speak up when in a group and let your ideas be known. Good luck and take care!
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Default Re: Art student problems, help please?

It isn't easy to get to the place where you can say "I like that, it speaks to me" without thinking in a judgmental way---being a perfectionist will help you in your work but it will also be a struggle as you work to express what you feel and "see" & use various mediums etc---I think it is pretty normal in the setting you are in (school is both supportive and competitive) to feel as you do----(((((hugs)))))) can use your work to express these feelings also....if you want to....or, just hang in there & talk to others, I'll bet lots of artists feel this way at some point...
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Default Re: Art student problems, help please?

I would suggest you to show your work to a professional and seek guidance from him.
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Default Re: Art student problems, help please?

If you have doubts about your skills as an artist while doing an arts degree, maybe it is time for some introspection. Considerign the nature and value of the degree, if you aren't getting near 100% out of it, without any doubt, maybe an arts degree isn't for you.

To me, one should only do an arts degree is the passion is so big, there is no way you can do anything else. That's what many great artists advice.

If you are a great artist, having an arts degree won't help, not having it won't hurt.
If you are a poor artist, the same.

It is best to be a great artist with a professional career in some other field. That way, you can only make the art you love and you don't have to become an 'art mercenary', wasting creative energy on stuff your heart and soul isn't into. You can earn money in your professional career, and make art for the sake of art in your free time.
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Default Re: Art student problems, help please?

I think what you are talking about is natural to the creative process. You visualize something and sometimes you fall short of taking that idea/image to fruition. But you get better over time and there are those crazy wonderful moments where you are really proud of what you did. Important part in art is to keep "doing."
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Default Re: Art student problems, help please?

The study of art, particularly studio art, can be brutal, in certain schools. I was really discouraged during my undergrad time in the Fine Arts. Several professors liked to use critiques as a means of belittling students, me, among them. I took it to heart, and my work suffered. This should not be. After graduating, I had a hard time finding employment, since all I knew was creating art, and there was no need for that. I ended up teaching on a permit. It, too, was pretty horrendous. I then got a job as a cartoonist, which was great for a while.

Finding myself married (unhappily) with a daughter, I eventually went back to school for a teaching degree in art, and worked then throughout my career as a middle school art teacher. This job allowed me time to work on my own art as well. I got my M.A. at a local university, and, unlike my undergrad discouraging experience, it was wonderful. Great professors and great interactions among the other art students.

I just wanted to share this because the school you are in can mean a big difference in the art experience. I am retired now, and I enjoy creating my art every day. Best to you!
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