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My Mood: Returning to University with mental illness

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Default Re: Returning to University with mental illness

Thank you everyone for your support!

I am seeing a counselor at the university who is helping me to focus on resilience, self-acceptance and managing expectations.

I am struggling with the stress! I was thinking seriously about suicide last week and after the assignment I stressed so much about - I was fine. I suppose every-time we do something we are scared about (and realize we can survive) we come out on the other side with some confidence and perhaps less anxiety when the next anxiety provoking assignment happens.

I have to present an entire class in a group of 4 in early December and THAT is really scaring me! I am absolutely terrified of it!

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My Mood: Returning to University with mental illness

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Default Re: Returning to University with mental illness

(((((HD))))) I wish you loads of luck and am sending you a load of good wishes and love if it helps
"After all we'd been through, I needed to believe there was still hope"
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For you, Ebony
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