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Default Re: The College Chat Thread

Originally Posted by ColdSlumber View Post
Well there's quite a few things I dislike about it. I guess I'd always been more of a book learner, and I'm kinda clumsy, so to be messing around with tools all day I tend to goof stuff up quite a bit. Also going from psych to a trade school was kinda rough.
I attended university and enjoyed it, but I wasn't passionate about my major. My grades were excellent. Money ran out, so I had to leave after second year. Right before I left, I was in the process of changing my major and doing a few missing high school credits. One day I hope to return.

The transition from university to the community college was easy for me. I find the course work easy, mostly because I know how to study and am very good with my hands. The shop classes are really fun, so it doesn't feel like work.

One of my classmates has a master's degree and has been struggling with the transition, because he is more of a theoretical learner.

Originally Posted by ColdSlumber View Post
People in psych programs tend to be really caring, and trade guys are a little, to be kind about it, rough around the edges.
All but one of the guys in my program are great. They have never bothered me. The one individual I don't particularly care for has an attitude problem and tries to act macho which actually reveals his insecurities. Every second word that comes out of his mouth is an F bomb.

Machinists are usually professional and highly skilled individuals, at least the ones that I know.

Originally Posted by ColdSlumber View Post
I guess it just boils down to it's hard. Normally you have four years to learn this stuff, but in my school it's accelerated to two years. Also, it's been rated by Forbes as one of the ten best trade schools in the U.S., so they don't do anything slow. You know that age-old advice, "Honey you're not doing so well in school, perhaps consider a trade?" Wrong. I'm not dumb, and this is still not easy.
Interest and learning style are huge reasons why people struggle in university rather than intelligence.

Originally Posted by ColdSlumber View Post
I'm looking forward to the money when I graduate though, guys typically start out at a minimum of 15 an hour, and since tradesmen are ageing like mad, a real pay boost is inevitable, especially for the younger folk. I've always been poor, so I'm looking forward to that. It's really the money aspect that's keeping me going, and the fact that it'll be a nice cushy side-gig to get me through my real passion, grad school.

If grad school doesn't work out, this will be my backup, since this two-year degree typically earns more than a psych graduate with a master's. Unfair but that's how the economy works, haha. Supply, demand, but also utility too.
Having a backup plan is good.

Good luck with your studies.
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