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My Mood: Going back to school for career change

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Default Going back to school for career change

After almost 20 years in the cooking industry, and my doctor telling me to get out or I wouldn't make it past 40, I plan on going back to school in January to take an accounting course, since I have always been good in math. My goal is to have my own bake shop business and the accounting will help. Failing that, I just want a Monday to Friday, 9-5 office job somewhere. I can't do shift work anymore, and I can't stay on my feet for 8-12 hours a day, getting yelled at by sadistic chefs and managers, nor do I want to work weekends anymore.

I'll be 39 when I start school, and 40 when I finish. My question is, how hard is it going to be for me to find meaningful employment being fresh out of school at that age? Unfortunately, ageism is a real thing, and I have seen and experienced it. People do not want to train older people like me. The last job I had, a housekeeping job at a hospital, they tried to fire me after one training shift because I couldn't keep up with the abrupt trainer.

I also am not sure if I'm making the right decision. I went to Chef School and we know how that turned out. I pretty much hated every job I had, and I don't want to make the same mistake again.

Companies want people who "fit in." The issue is I don't "fit in" anywhere. I have always been a bit of a loner, and outsider. I always feel out of place, like I don't belong.

Anyways, whatever the decision, I hope it's the right one. Since I have only made bad decisions, and I'm almost on the wrong side of 40, I have to get this perfect since I'm running out of time.
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My Mood: Going back to school for career change

Default Re: Going back to school for career change

I think you doing the accounts for your own cooking business would be awesome. Two words: food truck
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My Mood: Going back to school for career change

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Default Re: Going back to school for career change

40 is young. My husband changed career in mid forties and my mom
Changed hers at 50. Not late at all
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Default Re: Going back to school for career change

Accounting is not really about math; it's arithmetic, adding/subtracting, but the accounting concepts themselves are what's complicated, and I don't know that a single course will qualify you for much, job-wise; I would just take a bookkeeping course and see if you enjoy it; it would help you keep your own books if you do start up your own shop. But if your doctor told you to get out of the cooking industry, doesn't that include somehow starting your own shop? That's more stressful than the industry itself as you have to be full-time worker and deal with all the other business parts as well, often a more than full time job; you'd need a whole business degree practically.

I would try to get a job with a caterer or small shop, SorryShape's idea of a food truck is good, etc. and see if you'd enjoy that and it would be comfortable enough for you and your doctor and learn on-the-job and see what you might need in school or how to move forward from there. I think just taking a random class, currently unrelated to what you have in mind and how it might help, etc. might be more frustrating than helpful?
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Default Re: Going back to school for career change

I think it's great! I'm in my 30s and going back to school for something I've always enjoyed doing, photography. I have similar fears regarding the age thing. I'll be competing with people in their early to mid 20s and have to start at the bottom by being an assistant to someone close to my age.

You bring something to the table that the younger people don't have, experience, calm demeanor and more confidence in your ability. Also, more likely to stick with a company instead of hopping about every couple of years.

Go for it and keep believing in yourself.
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