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Default The Dog and The Whistler

I am feeling pretty tired because its late, had a busy day at work and the bed is waiting for me.

Getting to sleep is pretty hard to do now recently, quite often when I drift off into a half-asleep state I hear a dog barking which wakes me up again and sometimes I hear a high-pitched whistle. Very annoying indeed, did mention the dog thing in one of my earlier posts.
When I am drunk and falling asleep the dog doesn't bother me nor does the whistler, but instead I hear voices of my father and his friends. They say things, unclear things cannot make out any of the words.
The dog and the whistler bother me more.

Also, for some reason it is very hard for me to get comfortable in bed and I think this is because the dog enters my body to make my bones ache. Well, I'm trying to drink less but it seems like the dog is trying to get me to drink before I sleep, its like the dog and the whistler actually enjoys watching me drunk.

Would not be surprised if my moderate alcohol consumption created the entities I mentioned. The dog is often felt in my house, especially under my bed and living room- I feel the whistlers presence at random places, usually outside when there is not many people around.

This is embarrassing but I'm going to put some dog food on the floor tonight, maybe giving it a food offering might stop it from bothering me as much.
Have you got any ideas?
Because getting some more sleep will make it easier for me to function normally.
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Default Re: The Dog and The Whistler

The food might help! I had an issue kind of similar where I was convinced my exroom mate cursed me with an entity that had been following her around for years... and other entities in the building but whatever. I have a hard time telling if things like this are real or just my delusional disorderI left in my room pink roses and the pictures I would draw and it seemed to calm it down for some while.
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