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Default Am I being paranoid or should I be concerned?

To start off I have serious mental health issues. I tend to get very paranoid and obsessive over seeing signs warning me of my death, assault, kidnapping...anything that scares the **** out of me. The most mundane and innocent things can trigger these paranoid and obsessive thoughts. This is why I can never trust my gut feeling or know when I should worry about something or if I'm just being paranoid again. I also have Aspergers and have a really hard time reading dangerous situations. Or any situations...

At about midnight I saw a car parked behind my house with the headlights on. My house backs straight onto a parking lot so I didn't think anything of it. After an hour, I checked and the car still sat there with its head lights on. This is when I started to get a little paranoid but pushed it aside and thought maybe people were chilling in their car and happened to park right behind my house. Another hour passed and it was still there. I was really creeped out so I turned my back porch light on for a few seconds, turned it off and when I looked outside the car was gone. Them leaving the minute I turned my porch light on is what made the situation a lot scarier. Like they were watching the house or something. It could just be a coincidence but I was still scared shitless. I stayed up most of the night because of how scared I was and had to keep the light on.

I need to ask other people if this is something they would worry about or just brush off. I can't tell when I'm being rational or not.
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Default Re: Am I being paranoid or should I be concerned?

I would feel concerned as well. I don't think you are being irrational. It was probably nothing, but your feelings are valid.
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Default Re: Am I being paranoid or should I be concerned?

You have a valid reason to be worried about this situation. This is not paranoia or some obsession - yet.

When it comes to these thoughts, always look at facts:

- This car was sitting out there with headlights on for over an hour.
- The car left when they noticed you.

How you handle this today is what matters. Are you suddenly going to look out the window every 5 minutes? If yes, then it becomes an obsession. Are you going to assume that you are going to be attacked today? Then this is when the paranoia sets in.

If tonight nothing happens out of the ordinary, then there is not much to worry about.
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Default Re: Am I being paranoid or should I be concerned?

I would be nervous too.
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Default Re: Am I being paranoid or should I be concerned?

I think you were noticing the car more than it had anything to do with you. If it were watching you/the house, it would not have kept its lights on. I can think of no reason for anyone to be watching you/the house at Midnight and for any length of time and I don't think a porch light coming on is going to "scare" anyone away.

The best way I have to deal with myself when I'm feeling paranoid is to follow through on scenarios -- what could possibly be learned, in the middle of the night, watching a dark house where (presumably) the inhabitants are asleep? I would notice the car headlights being on, too -- bad guys don't do that? :-) Too, if the car was there that long, eventually it's going to leave as it's the middle of the night and any personal business the occupants were doing (talking, taking drugs, "waiting", reading/studying where it's quiet, etc.) is going to conclude and they are naturally going to go about their way? How long could someone want to sit in a car in a parking lot in the middle of the night?

In any event, I'd be relieved when they left; they were gone, were not "watching" or doing whatever you thought related to you any more?
"Dissonance / (if you are interested) / leads to discovery." ~William Carlos Williams
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Default Re: Am I being paranoid or should I be concerned?

I'd be nervous as well.. try to see what happens tonight. If that car is still there, you might ask the police..
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Default Re: Am I being paranoid or should I be concerned?

This would bother me too as living in "the hood" for many years I have learned to tell suspicious behavior from simple paranoid feelings but, I do still slip up sometimes and over react. Even so, when I try to use the same logic that optimistic people use it usually backfires on me so, I just default to being vigilante, looking for the usual warning signs of criminal behavior and cautiously observing until the activity ends or the person/s goes away. I usually don't get alarmed or scared because I've learned to control that but, if I've had a little more caffeine than I need or am just nervous or anxious then, it can be hard to deal with and my mind starts racing and jumping to conclusions. At times like that it helps to take deep breaths and try to calm your nerves by focusing your thoughts on rationality and reason or using "mind over matter" techniques to regain control.
Certain "dangers" frighten me too. If I'm playing a wrestling video game and the match is set to take place at something Biblically dreadful-sounding I will sometimes change the match to a different arena because the previous one makes me worry that I'm being warned that I'm living in sin and may end up taking a trip down below if I don't be good which is absolutely paranoid and ridiculous but, fear is fear and that's how it operates. When you feel afraid don't dwell on it. Find a distraction and/or remove yourself from whatever is frightening you and if it's some object, put it away from you where you wont have to look at it. I hope this helps.
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