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Default Iíve Changed into a Better Person

So looking back through all my posts starting from the very beginning of my introduction to this site I have noticed that my personality and views have changed very drastically. Iíve also had a change in diagnosis since I first found this place. Based on what Iíve written and what my therapist told me when they changed my diagnosis, my previous AvPD was actually just me going through a terribly rough time. My mother has been diagnosed with dementia in 2015 and had been forgetting who I was so it was causing a lot of stress for me which caused me to be this emotional wreck for a long time who would break down easily. I had not been able to talk to other people without panicking and being socially awkward. I had mental breakdowns all the time and was so unbelievably unsure of myself. I was so nervous and would overthink everything. Last years mothers health started improving and she remembered more often due to a change in her medication. I decided to get my life together and changed things at work so they were better for me. I even went to college for a bit and absolutely loved it. I believe the people on this site also helped my transition. Eventually my diagnosis was changed along with my personality and even though that seems strange to me, it helped me so much and my life is way better now. Iím much more confident in myself and can go out to socialize if I want without panicking about who knows what. Iím no longer as expressive/reactive as I was and tend to think things through more carefully before I even consider reacting. I no longer care what people think of me because I realize that everyone is different and our lives are as well so I shouldnít compare them and worry about their opinions of me. I am no longer paranoid about others thinking negatively about me and I donít have panic attacks anymore. I changed so much that I barely recognize the person I was through my posts. My life is more positive now than it ever was. I donít go to therapy anymore because I feel that I donít require the help any longer. My change was drastic and there was probably more to it than what Iíve listed but thatís totally fine. As long as Iím doing good.
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Smile Re: Iíve Changed into a Better Person

Thanks for sharing your amazing transformation!
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