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Default Re: Fantasy worlds

I've been daydreaming constantly, having these daydreams almost daily for at least 4 hours for the past 7 years. They've relieved boredom and have helped me solve some problems. I haven't needed to daydream to solve my problems by daydreaming in a while, so it's been pretty distracting, but I've got better control of it now. I may as well write a book series, though I feel like the shift in tone in the middle of the story would keep some readers from reading more if they don't like cyberpunk-type themes (it started out as modern day fantasy). So many adventures, so many emotions. It feels weird that my emotions are stronger when I daydream than they are in reality. My range has never been bigger because of it.

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Moo Bear
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Default Re: Fantasy worlds

My fantasy worlds serve several purposes. There is the standard escape from reality that many tend to describe here. Which helps to reduce stress and alleviate boredom. Then there is the intellectual fantasy construct in which acts as a form of simulator in which I impute a basic concept or pattern into a blank state. From there my subconscious will automatically start to expand the concept or pattern based on how it naturally reacts with what I know regarding the world around me. Then there is the psychological construct in which I will reconstruct the mind of a person I have met based on recognized patterns in their behavior, vocal tone shifts, personality traits, and recognized impulsive reactions. This enables me to address and resolve internal issues I may have with the individual without having to risk emotional damage to myself and them. As well as allows me place that individual or individuals within a simulated environment to determine how they will react to any number of different circumstances.
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Emily Fox Seaton
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Default Re: Fantasy worlds

I have about 5 or six fantasies that I use regularly to distract myself. Typically these are like tv shows that had a good plot line but the writers didn't go in the way I wanted them to. These plot lines are almost never consummated in that I never finish the story but usually direct them in different ways. I am inserted as a character.
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